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* Audiolab 8200MB - My Nightmare

Discussion in 'audio' started by cn9601, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. cn9601

    cn9601 Member

    Just to check anyone is having or has experienced problem with 8200MB. Since Dec 2010, I am experiencing a saga of 8200MB problems. I am now awaiting my 6th 8200MB - to replace ANOTHER faulty 8200MB.

    1st pair - initially one without audio and then eventually both blocks 'suffered' LED blinking

    2nd pair - upon receiving the pair of replacements, LEFT speaker started to produce sort-of intermittent static noise, which got me initially to suspect Interconnect or Mains cable or wall power supply.....I swapped Interconnects/Mains and even the MB to RIGHT - the static noise 'followed' with the MB. I tried 'to live with it'.
    And then, the unbelievable happened about 2 weeks later, the MB LED blinking AGAIN! OMG!

    Local dealer had loaned me 8000P and there was no problem. Similarly, previously when I had 8000A for this setup and there was no problem for >5yrs (!!!).

    1x MB replacement - all seemed OK 2-3 weeks. And then, out-of-the-blue, intermittent static noise started on RIGHT speaker and then no audio. Having to understand from UK helpdesk, I isolated the MB with only Mains connected at 'Always On' -> only 2 clicks, and so suspected output relay fault. OMG!

    Another 1x MB replacement - all seemed OK about 1 month. And then intermittent static noise on LEFT speaker, but louder than previously experienced. I withheld my frustration, until the intermittent static noise became louder 'blak-blak' like some electrical surge on speaker. This phenomenon was also replicated with delaer's speaker.

    And so now I am awaiting my 6th 8200MB.

  2. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Congratulations, that's some record.

    It might well be time to look at your mains supply and the other components in the chain. Either every amp they make is faulty or there is something about the design that doesn't like being plugged in at your house. If your mains supply is running high, ie over nominal voltage then it could be the root cause of all these issues, especially if Audiolab have specified transformers that aren't happy running at the top end of the UK voltage spec.

    What other components do you use and whereabouts do you live?
  3. cn9601

    cn9601 Member

    Hi, I am from Singapore.

    On wall, it's a 2-way point. Both points are connected to Tacima (4-way) power brick each.
    One tacima I have 'dedicated' to: 2x 8200MB, Onkyo 875, 8200Q;
    and the other: CDP, Oppo95, Sony LCD, Sub-woof
    For AV/Hi-Fi equipments, I have a mixed of Chord Superscreen and Clear Audio Alpha+.
    I do not leave any of AV/Hi-Fi on stand-by mode. That is, I will manually POWER OFF each equipment after use.

    During the waiting time, I have used 8000P and 8000S loaned by the dealer, without problem. And I do not encounter overload or failing AV/Hi-Fi equipments, until now with 8200MB (only).

    Sorry, have Audiolab specified or recommended about Mains or power supply specification? I do not seem to locate such 'warning' in the manual or their web site.
    The only visible warning is the shorting link if I am not using XLR Balanced connection.

    Tks for the comments.
  4. electro

    electro New Member

    Thanks for posting this. I have lots of Audiolab / TMA kit, bought over the years including 9 8000M's, AV32 processor two 8000Q's etc. However my current challenge is that it takes a month between requesting a returns number from Audiolab support and getting one and six weeks further (and counting) to get the amp back. They have one person manning the helpdesk and doing the repairs it seems. Why they don't use a simple web system to generate a returns number I cant imagine!

    I was thinking about a pair of 8200MB's for my multichannel system - I already have 3 of the TMA 250MR's which are basically the same amps.

    I think I'll save myself the bother.
  5. AZebra

    AZebra New Member

    I've just found this thread because I've got the same issues.

    Had 8200CDQ and 2x 8200MBs for 1 week. Connected via XLR.

    Got the 'static' (bit like listening to scratched vinyl) for around 10-20 mins a couple of days ago. It was on one channel and not the other. It went away as suddenly as it came. I've been on the look out for it since but it's been ok.

    Now, I just went upstairs to find the indicator light blinking on one channel - same side. Power off and on has returned normality for now.

    I'm a bit worried that I might be joining your nightmare - maybe worse as I have moved these units with me from the UK to Australia.

    (BTW, when it's not doing either of these two irritating things, it sounds fantastic.)
  6. cn9601

    cn9601 Member

    Hi, electro.

    Sorry to hear about your issues with Audiolab. But, fortunately here, the local dealer has been 'helpful' and even during 'waiting time' of next 8200MB shipment, I am offered with loaned unit of 8000P or 8000S.

    However, I cannot imagine having to lug to and fro 8200MB, already 3 times :mad:

    My email with Audiolab helpdesk so far is quite responsive, usually within 2 working days. However, for me, when all is fine (8200MB & 8200Q), I am loving every bit of it ;)

    But frustration with 8200MB is building up :(
  7. cn9601

    cn9601 Member

    Hi, Azebra.

    Something I learn from my 8200MB saga.

    With only Mains cable connected (ie. without speaker cable and interconnect), set sensitivity to 'Always On', upon power switch on of 8200MB, you should hear 3 clicks.

    If <3 clicks or even after 3 clicks LED start blinking, sad to say, 8200MB will be confirmed faulty.

    For the saga of my 'static noise', it is intermittent. Sometimes, I can play through a few songs without 'static noise'. However, it worsens as the 'static noise' starts to get louder than music being played. At one time, the LEFT speaker just silent and that is when I notice the Red LED blinks.

    Similarly, if you wish to verify the source of static nosie, you may consider to connect ONLY speaker cable and Mains cable, and set sensitivity to 'Always On'. If there is static noise, know it.

    All these are after I painstakingly go through a series of troubleshooting on Mains cable, interconnects, wall power, power brick........sad, very sad
  8. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    cn9601, it sounds very much to me like it's an issue with the way they have specified the mains transformers. I would just send them back and look elsewhere.
  9. Butuz

    Butuz pfm Member

    I would have given up and got a refund after the second monoblock failed.

  10. ddenyer

    ddenyer pfm Member

    My 8200MB's have just started behaving like this, first the left now both amps. Will call Audiolab on Monday :-(
  11. ddenyer

    ddenyer pfm Member

    2 months old...
  12. PFM20532

    PFM20532 pfm Member

    Its a pity recent Audiolab has bad realibility

    Remember the old UK manufactured stuff were build like a tank and lasted forever
    Martyn Miles likes this.
  13. arthur

    arthur Banned

    Have to agree...six!!! :confused::confused:

    Dude, that's patience beyond saintly. Dump Audiolab and get some real ones.

    I imagine for the price you could get a damn good power amp from Meridian say or a pair of Cyrus monos. In fact for that kind of money there are dozens to choose from.

    I wish I had your patience friend.

    Best of luck.
  14. ddenyer

    ddenyer pfm Member

    Well, Audiolab were very helpful, apparently there was a batch of faulty transistors.. They have arranged collection.

  15. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    mods, can we merge this with the ''audiolab, at last!!'' thread?

  16. chrisvdgg1970

    chrisvdgg1970 Member

    A clear case of chinese junk (not only sailing but also of the electronic variety).
    That's why it is better to avoid everything made in china.
    By the way it does not deserve capital letters.
    Many years ago I used Audiolab made in England but those were the haydays of hi-fi yet
    I believe everyone knows that although not quite so frequently reiterated in order to make
    the correct differentiation.
  17. arthur

    arthur Banned

    Eh...? What...?
  18. ddenyer

    ddenyer pfm Member

    Chinese-made does not necessarily mean poor quality. There are good and poor manufacturers as in most countries. Steer clear of the e-bay junk, and stick with reputable brands with UK based back-up. I have no qualms buying Chinese built Audiolab equipment, or other goods from other manufacturers also made in China. It's the reputation & back-up that's important.
  19. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    I wouldn't blame it all on chinese manufacture, I have had goods made in china that have proved rock solid reliable and goods made in the states and the uk that have proved anything but!

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not all for chinese manufacturing, or korean or czech for that matter, It cost me a well paid job. :(

    Still it forced a career change to something I love :)
  20. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    You're sure they don't really mean a batch of "fake" transistors as illicitly substitited by their far eastern manufacturers?

    Seems to me that Audiolab have rather more than their share of "duff" components of late!

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