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Any Innuos users here?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Mullardman, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    I'm nearly 'sold' on the Innuos Zen Mini Mk3. Just looking for a simple 'music server' to enable ripping and storage of my CD collection for easy access. Zen Mini Mk3 seems like a decent bit of kit to provide a stress free solution.

    Any views?
  2. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    I’ve owned a Zenith Mk2 and currently use a Zenith SE and can thoroughly recommend Innuos. Well built, reliable and with excellent customer service. You can’t really go wrong.
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  3. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo

  4. webster

    webster Listen & enjoy.

    Not an Innuos user but I think I'm right in saying that the Mk3 has a Dac which on the face of it you don't appear to need?
    I suspect you could pick up a good 2nd hand Zen Mk2 (model up from mini) for similar outlay.
  5. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    I use a Zenith Mk III. Lovely machine. Easy to use. No DAC, but also acts as my Roon Core. It feeds a MiniDSP via USB.

    There are other, cheaper options out there. But for ease of use in ripping Flac files using Innuos' own software, its a breeze.

    Sound is very good, too.

    If you are back down Nottm way anytime, you are welcome to pop in, Mull.
  6. TonyScarlett

    TonyScarlett pfm Member

  7. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke pfm Member

    I used to use a mk1 mini, it had the vortex box software and seemed to be basically the same thing. Worked well enough but eventually upgraded to a mk2 zenith, by the time they made the mk2’s it was a proper innuos box, with a significantly better software interface and much more useable. If like me you want to rip discs and use a roon core without having to use a pc/laptop it’s ideal. I’m sure there are cheaper options but for me the convenience, looks and sq make it worthwhile
  8. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    I’ve only used the Mk2, but I think it’s a great device, and it does a lot more than just rip CDs and serve them. You can also download to it, and use it to play Tidal/Spotify/Qobuz etc. and internet radio. The Mk3 also has a DAC, and an SPDIF out. So pretty much a complete digital source in one box.
  9. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

  10. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo

    Yeah it is, bust it’s also a hell of a lot more powerful - the innuos has a very low rate CPU and max 4GB RAM, where the vortexbox stuff can be configured to you exact requirements.

    It’s worth speaking to them, the guy there is Martin IIRC. If you plan on running roon and using it’s DSP functions then the innuos won’t play ball either
  11. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Similar thoughts to mine. I've been 'dancing around' the idea of streaming/serving digital.. mostly CD.. for years. ISTM ..as a relative IT and 'digi'phobe, that there are solutions from fifty quid Raspberry Pi s upwards, but all have their snags, complications etc... or require much more understanding of the whole field than I have.. or can now be bothered acquiring. Add in that since I stopped using my ancient Denon TU260 tuner.. I've not had radio through my hi-fi.. so the attraction of seemingly 'limitless' internet radio is worth a good few quid too.
    I already have a DAC (Benchmark1, non USB)b but it would be a simple matter to compare that with the Innuos built in DAC and the Benchmark could potentially be sold. TBH, in my experience, competently designed DACS don't sound hugely different, and ones which do, are kind of 'by definition' not competently designed... IYSWIM.

    I already have a decent BB connection (Virgin/HUB3) which seems as reliable as any.. Also, since the Innuos would not be close to the PC, router.. I already have Powerline adapters, which were purchased to solve an audi syc issue on my TV, but didn't.
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  12. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Thanks again.. but your post highlights the whole point. I have no idea what you are talking about. :)
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  13. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo

    Which is why you should have a chat with Martin. He's a good guy :)
  14. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Thanks again. That looks like a decent machine but appears to have only USB out? My hi-fi has no USB input.
  15. andy831

    andy831 pfm Member

    I have had one for 5 or 6 years Col. a Zen Mk 1 with 2tb. Have well over 2K cds ripped to it and it's no more than a third full.

    Its the easiest solution I have found, a new cd arrives through the post, its stuck in the Zen and 5 minutes later its available for reply and the cd can be packed away. (I honestly find direct playback from the cd is actually slightly better but from an ease of use point of view the Zen is perfect.)

    Mine has recently been zapped during an electrical storm which took out the motherboard and the memory module. It is currently back in Portugal being rebuilt to Zen Mk 11 spec, I hope to have it back next week sometime at a cost of £270 which I think is fair and reasonable repair cost.

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  16. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    That's right, the Mk3 has SPDIF out, unlike the other Innuos servers.
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  17. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Thanks for that Andy. Useful input. If I had an amphibious vehicle I'd be cheeky and invite myself up for a quick listen..but in this weather... TBH I think I've made my mind up.
    Cereal Killer likes this.
  18. andy831

    andy831 pfm Member

    ;) Like I said it would be a wasted journey LOL its still in Portugal being fixed. Back late next week if you are still unsure and want a listen. :)
    Mullardman likes this.
  19. andy831

    andy831 pfm Member

    I use a Squeezebox Touch with mine and a Caimen dac but if you have a laptop or a tablet / smart phone I think you can control it through that.
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  20. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Actually it will. It has a quad core Intel processor and 4GB RAM. It is (by design) a low power device, so it won't support complex DSP across lots of zones all playing concurrently like a Roon Nucleus Plus would, but it is still very capable.
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