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amp for NAC282

Discussion in 'audio' started by joe9407, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    Hello all,

    Longtime lurker, first-time thread starter.

    I just bought a NAC282 on here (thanks, Naca5!), which is currently having a service at Class A (thanks, Darran!) and a voltage conversion for the NAPSC. I live in the States: New York City, to be precise.

    I'd like to summon the collective wisdom of PFM as to which amp I should use with the 282. I have a Supernait that I guess I could use as an amp, but that just seems... unholy.

    Budget is tight to avoid divorce proceedings. Ideally, I'd keep this amp for a few years, then get a 250DR when my wife has her back turned.

    Do I get a CB 250? Shoebox Naim amps would also work -- 140, 110, or perhaps the new 100.

    My Devore Fidelity Gibbon 8 speakers are not at all power hungry. Main source is an LP12/Aro/Armageddon.

    What's a guy to do?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    Perhaps just buy whatever comes up first, try it, and see what you think? Do you have a Hicap? Or two? Or equivalent?
  3. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    Hi Tony,

    Yes, I have a Hicap (actually, I have two, but the other one's on a Stageline S).

    I'm definitely willing to roll the dice and experiment.
  4. Minio

    Minio Not flakey and never soggy ...

    CB 250 or Nap 200. Both have worked well for me using JPW AP2s which aren't too power hungry.
  5. antonio1

    antonio1 pfm Member

    hi. I don't think you can power a 282 off a nap100 at all.

    I'd buy either a serviced 250, servicing it wouldn't be ideal since you'll be after a newer one or a 200 (there's one in classified at a good price) , better bet since you could resell or p/x with no loss I reckon.
    Congratulations great piece of kit you have.
  6. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    Thanks all for your comments so far. A serviced 250 may be the way to go. If I go the unserviced route, I'd probably want to source one in the UK, since it's cost-prohibitive to do the service here.

    I have a Hicap for the 282, so no need to power it via the amplifier.

    If anyone has experience using shoebox amps with the 282, I'd be keen to hear about it!
  7. antonio1

    antonio1 pfm Member

    I tried once ,it was 82/140CB ,but no PSU, crappy sound
  8. manicatel

    manicatel pfm Member

    Avondale M130's with a hi cap or Avondale Equivalent. Better than an olive 250 & amazing vfm, if you ever see them come on the market.
    Very rare in the USA, I'd guess though.
  9. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    You can have my Nap 200....
  10. yuckyamson

    yuckyamson pfm Member

    If you're coming off a supernait, into a 282HC, you should be happy with pretty much any properly serviced second hand power amp presuming it doesn't have a wonky relationship with the DeVore's. You might want to avoid a 90 but even those have major fans for good reason.

    I'd simply say a 140, 180, or 250. But if you're planning on geting something dearer later down the road, I"d also suggest whatever comes up. You can't really go wrong.

    LP12/Geddon/Aro (which I also have) into that pre-amp with a superline sounds divine indeed.
  11. yuckyamson

    yuckyamson pfm Member

    I'd also add, if you're happy with second hand, just get a lower amp and with the saved dough purchase a greenstreet for aro if you haven't already. That'll make a bigger difference than a 250!
  12. thebigfredc

    thebigfredc pfm Member

    Having owned and run a 282 with all of its possible power supplies and amps in the past, I think the 200 makes an excellent starter partner and VFM.

  13. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    My point in post #2 is based on two things: if you buy, say, a 140 and it doesn't do it for you, you'll lose little to no money selling on. A 140's value bottomed out years ago. And secondly, if you decide now that you need a non-dr 250 based on recommendations here, it could prove to be a slightly costly mistake.

    Plenty of members here have posted how much they miss some of their older, lowlier power amps, and it'd be fun working your way up, not selling the previous one til you decide the latest is 'better'.

    By the way, the 180 was popular with the 82. Worth considering if one comes up.
  14. antonio1

    antonio1 pfm Member

    180 is very good,too(I owned it along a nac72) but :

    1)Make sure it's recapped.
    2) you'll mix olives/black, not bad in itself I listened to and can say they may work well, but it's not exactly a 200 which replaced it,not as good I reckon. I rate 282 very high and a 200 e very bare minimum match.
    I still think a cheap 200 is the way to go
  15. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    Many thanks again to everyone who's responded. The choice seems to be either a 180/200 or CB 250.

    I think I'm leaning toward the CB 250 -- it would be fun to see what a "vintage" Naim amp can do.

    Yuckyamson: I have a Kore on my LP12, so probably not looking to upgrade the subchassis for a while. (Though I've heard very good things about the Greenstreet.) There might be a Radikal down the road for me, though!
  16. Minio

    Minio Not flakey and never soggy ...

    I have both the Black 200 and CB 250 and I'm hard pushed to make up my mind which to keep.

    The CB just about pips it with a smidgeon more control but it's pretty academic. Proof maybe that the preamp has more effect on overall presentation.
  17. yuckyamson

    yuckyamson pfm Member

    AH. Copy. Why yes if you've got a Kore it doesn't make much sense. So now you simply have to tell me the differences upgrading to that sucker made. I'm dying to know.

    Also I've (like you) lusted after the radikal. As good as an Armageddon is I have a hard time thinking the radikal wouldn't be quite a jump up AND work well with an Aro. (the lingo didn't).
  18. Bas V

    Bas V pfm Member

    NAP200 at least.
  19. monty

    monty pfm Member

    Go for a 200 then upgrade to a 250DR when the wife isn't looking. They look the same to my Mrs ;)
  20. Minio

    Minio Not flakey and never soggy ...


    Good point as well.

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