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Ageing. It's a Bugger....

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Mullardman, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Please keep reading..It gets better......I haven't really said much about my struggles with anxiety and depression.. my two minor strokes, the unreasonably early deaths of my sister and father, or my Mum's years of dementia before she died. And did I mention the possible knee replacement?
  2. Darren

    Darren All Business

    Post of the Month!!
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  3. docstocker

    docstocker pfm Member

    Yes it’s a bugger.
    But there are lighter moments.
    This morning I very nearly cleaned my teeth with pile ointment
  4. Sonny Beauceron

    Sonny Beauceron pfm Member

  5. CJ14

    CJ14 Waiting for the Death Monitor

    It is a pain in the bum to be blunt, but it looked at by standing at least 2M away it is funny at times.
    Oh the bum bit, I fall over a lot, that what a massive heart attack and then followed by a stroke does, then the care you hoped you never needed from so called friends and now ex-wife take a walk, leaving you in hospital with Sepsis whilst they go a explore Paris.
    Then have you work and designs ripped away from you by these loving people and left to rot in a dump.
    Then being rescued by friends and very old friends that do care THANK YOU.
    Then try a pick up the work you love, now with falling down a lot a cursing Newton. and bad communication due to stroke and added crap Dyslexia and Autism . Gods joke I hope and funny yes like a Norman Wisdom film with a tiny bit of "Galaxy Quest" " Never Give Up Never Surrender"
    So I get down a lot, but I collect funny movies and this helps me get through the crap and with still help after now 7yrs from those same friends that rescued me at the start of the comedy of life called old age.

    P.S. My oldest friend was the widow of a lovely kind friend from my twenties, 4 yrs ago I got down on my knees outside a Jeweller shop, and she said yes, then the shop staff came out and helped me up, now that was funny.
    P.P.S. Like the new owner of my last mis adventure in trust calling himself the designer of my product he stole, funny man. ( he getting old also he he)
  6. Bart

    Bart pfm Member

    Reading these posts is making me bi-polar.
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  7. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Asteroid cream should bring a sparkle and fill in any space too.:)

    Well arcticulated but try to bear it.:)
  8. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    51, and right now in the middle of my M.E. / CFS being on a serious downswing. If I can find a doctor who can tell me WHICH ONE I've got exactly, I'll tie it down for you. It combines well with my osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, but at least the clinical depression hasn't come out to play for a while.

    I'm seriously lucky in one respect. about 18 months ago my mother told me that if I didn't take her dog, he was being put down. So I get gently woken in the mornings with a nosey nudge, I have regular playtimes through the day that force activity, and when I'm feeling seriously rough I have a sympathetic head on my lap. Right now walking any distance is an issue - but I'm on the up, god help me when I start walking him again, which I'm hoping will be next week. Tiring him out with games of fetch out the back is all well and good, we both need some mileage on the clocks now.

    I've had to buy him a new harness, the little bugger has grown some. Well over 60kgs now I reckon, and with a 40 inch chest. Maybe a saddle would have been a better bet.

    But - do what you can, don't push too hard or you'll mess yourself up for tomorrow, and try to stay positive. And if you can't stay positive, talk about it. Don't go into a downward spiral alone.
  9. DonQuixote99

    DonQuixote99 pfm Member

    I am 68 and cope nicely except when I don't. Seems a faster and steeper emotional roller coaster these days.
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  10. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    At 63, my main gripes are a broken lumbar (scoliosis and stenosis) and an enlarged prostate. Both are manageable right now, but are getting worse over time.

    One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve aged is a greater sensitivity to weather events. As storms move in, and the barometer drops, my head and joints ache a lot!
  11. Minio

    Minio Not flakey and never soggy ...

    I think it's because I'm getting on a bit that I do things like mistaking the Surgical Spirit for Listerine.

    The upside is that you are open to new experiences like gargling Surgical Spirit which sort of blows your head off.

    I can't recommend it officially though.
    GruntPuppy likes this.
  12. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    horrible thing fatigue , very hard to cope with . glad you can talk about it on pfm . i guess having both osteo and rheumatoid does not help .
  13. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    It's a right bloody cocktail :p What annoys me is that stuff that used to take, say, an hour is now a project to be approached over a day or two. Or longer... I've really got to get those Adcoms cleaned and photographed, for instance!
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  14. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs “coping with coping”

    You really will not know if you are bi-polar until after the (first) hypomanic phase is over.

    I wouldn’t recommend it.

    (but It is what it is)
    GruntPuppy likes this.
  15. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Please tell us your pets are OK, otherwise we'll have to learn guitar and write country and western songs about you.
    Sue Pertwee-Tyr and Mullardman like this.
  16. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Not unless there's some ice and a mixer involved....
  17. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Eh. I sympathise. There's a lot of us on that particular fairground ride, and plenty of places to share experiences, feelings and coping mechanisms, thankfully. For all the shit that's on the internet, I think that the best thing about it is that it lets people on opposite sides of the world support each other.
    Sue Pertwee-Tyr likes this.
  18. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    We had two dogs.. both died years ago.. I'm not really a doggy person and threatened to leave if another dog was admitted to our home. Sadly.. I'm still here. The Goldfish hung on for a bit longer... but I don't carp on about it.
    GruntPuppy likes this.
  19. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Badum tisch! I had to give up fishkeeping because I wouldn't keep a small tank, and the bigguns are too much work, even with the super-duper filtration systems I used to insist on. Fancy goldfish were a passion for many years. I'd spend more time watching the tank than I ever did watching the telly, and the plotlines were a lot better for a start ;)
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  20. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    close family member is bi polar married to adhd person. When they moved to their house I reinforced all the walls which were lathe and plaster . They are very strong now in case any offspring arrive which should be interesting!!

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