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A thread to catalogue the eloquence, dignity, diplomacy and wisdom of Boris Johnson

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Tony L, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. billo

    billo pfm Member

    The second English civil war............... Cavalier Attitudes v Bald Heads :)
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  2. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    It’s insane- when you actually read what the DM is saying. The Express would probably have “Carrie slaps down furious Cummings bald head- dead”. The DM wedding article kept to referring to Johnson as “the Premier”. I think that was to indicate he was actually above Cummings.
    Last edited: May 31, 2021
  3. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Anyway I see that Johnson wants to name his new toy boat after HRH Duke of Edinburgh.. but apparently Madge isn't keen. My vote is for Brexity Mc Brexitface.....

    Of course his latest 'wheeze' a new 'National Flagship' to represent Britain around the World... is a joke already. Who does he think will give a Monkey's? And while we are waiting for that to be built.. no doubt by the Koreans.....we are sending our brand new Aircraft Carrier to create a 'presence' in the Far East. Ooohh.. I bet the Chinese are quaking in their boots...

    Still it plays well to the jingoistic flag waving mob who still think that Britain is a World Power and Johnson is 'a good bloke'.
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  4. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Naming it "Titanic II" might help to break the ice internationally...
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  5. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Captain Boris entertaining a young lady in his cabin while officer of the watch Poots in the crow’s nest is slow in spotting the ice field. A precious cargo of cheeses and Dyson vacuum cleaners in the hold is in peril....
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  6. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Captain Boris?

  7. billo

    billo pfm Member

    As was pointed out which dignitaries, movers and shakers are going to turn up at a dockside to have cocktails with the UK ?
  8. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Do they get a 15% off voucher for a new vacuum cleaner or fan of their choice?
  9. billo

    billo pfm Member

    Every chance of being sucked off or cleaned out if the docksides I've been on are typical :)
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  10. ks.234

    ks.234 pfm Member

    You’ve been sucked off and cleaned out at the dockside a lot then?
  11. billo

    billo pfm Member

    It's a hazard that goes with the job :)
  12. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK I had amnesia once or twice...

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  13. Colin L

    Colin L LOU Attitude Adjuster

  14. The Far North

    The Far North pfm Member

    Kevin McKenna has written a decent opinion piece on the Catholic church and that wedding but it's unfortunately behind a paywall. Not sure where Kevin got the quote from, but here's Boris on his "faith".
  15. wow&flutter

    wow&flutter pfm Member

    I’m guessing Johnston has always practiced old school Catholic views, well on contraception anyway:D.
  16. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    C4 News now noticing the Conservative Party’s defending football thugs booing players ‘taking the knee’. Andrew Brigden is on now very actively defending racism. #BLM dumping a statue of a Tory slave trader in Bristol harbour has pissed Mr Potato Head right off by the looks of it!
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  17. Kirk

    Kirk pfm Member

  18. SteveS1

    SteveS1 I heard that, pardon?

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  19. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    They’re going balls out Orban . Giving the gammon their money’s worth. Quite frankly this is a government that has no place in Europe, just like the other right wing scum.
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  20. SteveS1

    SteveS1 I heard that, pardon?

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