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[WTD] 300B amp on a budget

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Colin131, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. Colin131

    Colin131 pfm Member

    I’m also looking for a 300B SE amp that hopefully won’t break the bank.

    A few years ago several J Soundlabs 300B amps were sold on forums for £500 or so. Not sure if they are any good but seemed like a good deal. Might anyone have something like that?

    There is also a guy on eBay (Wynne Roberts) selling new 300B amps for pretty cheap but I’ve no idea if it’s any good.

    If you have anything suitable please let me know.


  2. Salamander

    Salamander pfm Member

  3. Colin131

    Colin131 pfm Member

    Thanks, yes this is the Chinese amp I was talking about. They were being sold on eBay for £600 built a while back, which seems very cheap. Price went up recently. I checked with the seller and the mains transformer is defo for 220V which might be ok if your mains was on the lower side of 240 but would need to use an small step down bucking tranny if mains voltage was on the higher side. Mine is near to 250V so I’d need one, which I actually have already.

    They are also sold as kits on AliExpress. The seller on eBay builds them, adds a few upgrades (different coupling caps and pot) and reckons it’s a good as more pricey amps he tried, so it could be worth trying.

    If anyone has anything else then please let me know (300B integrated or power amp, or monoblocks)

    I’d probably prefer something cheaper but also willing to spend a bit more if necessary. Maybe up to around £1K
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2021
  4. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    There's a pair of Avondale m130 amps on eBay at the moment for £600 ono

    These have got to be the bargain of the week ?

    And as a huge plus....they are NOT Chinese
  5. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

  6. Dan K

    Dan K pfm Member

    Col, There is no such thing as a cheap 300B amp. The valves themselves are £100 to £140 odd each. Even if you somehow managed to get something that 'worked' then you'll need high efficiency speakers that will cost £1000's to pair with the amp. You'll end up listening to the output transformers, rather than the valves themselves anyway. Forget it
  7. Dan K

    Dan K pfm Member

    To be fair that's about as cheap (and good) as you will ever find. Not SE though
  8. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    That's what I thought, I didn't realised being single ended was a requirement
  9. Salamander

    Salamander pfm Member

  10. Colin131

    Colin131 pfm Member

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