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[FS] 3 Shelf Rack In Walnut

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Gaius, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. Gaius

    Gaius pfm Member

  2. divedeepdog

    divedeepdog pfm Member

    Thats lovely, GLWTS.
    Gaius likes this.
  3. Vince Parkin

    Vince Parkin pfm Member

    Very nice, superb build quality
    Gaius likes this.
  4. Gaius

    Gaius pfm Member

    Thanks chaps, I'm only selling as my Copland 402 is too big and needs a lot of air around it!
  5. martin dawson

    martin dawson pfm Member

    Lovely Hi Fi Rack I saw them on display at Cymbiosis beautiful piece of Kit GLWTS.


    Gaius likes this.
  6. Lokidtc99

    Lokidtc99 What does this button do...?

    How tall is the deep shelf space?
    Gaius likes this.
  7. Gaius

    Gaius pfm Member

    The gap is 19CM.
  8. Gaius

    Gaius pfm Member

    Now also on the bay

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