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202/200 better than the 282/250?

Discussion in 'audio' started by M@ver1ck, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. M@ver1ck

    M@ver1ck pfm Member


    Swapping the 202 around with the Ndx (202 now on the top most shelf) made the system sound much better. System sounding too good for me to change anything for a while.

    Setup: on quadraspire shelving, from top:

    I've tried the 282/200 but prefer the 282/250 over it.
    I like the way the 250 sounds with a nac72. ;-)

    The next time I'm at the dealers, ill consider the SN-2.
  2. Mike

    Mike Member

    I made the mistake of upgrading to 282/250DR/ATC SM19's.

    At first, everything seemed hunkydory, but then I changed the speaker stands from inadequate wooden Quadraspires to sand-loaded Atacama HMS2's, as recommended by ATC.

    With the speakers working at their proper efficiency level, I found the sheer pummelling grunt of the 250DR really unpleasant. Plus, my listening space is really small - 3.5Mx3.8M - and this presented all sorts of sonic problems.

    Although I was now getting bags of detail and wider soundstaging, control of complex information of, for instance, intense fusion music with dramatic orchestral accompaniment (Billy Cobham "Solarization") was just a noise.

    Massed choir parts singing at full stretch (ie: "Va Pensiero" from "Nabucco") were just a loud, undifferentiated smear.

    Also, unlike "batleys" comment, I didn't like the "space around" the different intruments at all. It just sounded artificial and gimmicky to me but hey - to each their own.

    My first move was to re-install my old NAP200. This has immediately improved things to a listenable level, albeit with a slight "honky" bass end which I expect will tighten up after the 200 has had the standard 3-day warmup. It doesn't seem to be having any problem driving the SCM19's.

    The lesson here is, I think, simply that if you are used to easy-on-the-ear all-round listening, avoid the 250.

    Funk/Rock gut punch afficianados only!
  3. damy79

    damy79 Active Member

    How you consider the 282 with HC and DTCII?
    What are the difference?
  4. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    I'm not entirely surprised to hear that you preferred a 200 in your room/system. ATCs are pretty revealing monitors, and not so small as stand mounters go, and in a small room, might easily be a bit overwhelming. In my system, in a slightly larger room, I find the opposite, and the extra clout of the 250 really works for me. As ever, I'd say that this just goes to show the importance of matching components to suit each other, your room, and your personal tastes.
    Mike likes this.
  5. Gervais Cote

    Gervais Cote Predator

    I have both the NAP 250.2 and the bolt down 160 and surprisingly, I prefer the 160 for its ´live ´ sound compared to his big brother. Don’t get me wrong, the 250.2 is awesome but maybe just a little too polite or more ´ hi-fi ´than the 160.
  6. Mike

    Mike Member

    Actually (redface emoji here) the culprit turns out to have been poor speaker placement.

    Brought them out from the room corners, plugged the cables in to the lower inputs, got rid of the rubber grommits from in between the speakers and stand top plates, installed spike shoes. Reinstalled NAP250DR. 3 day warm up.

    Et voila. Please excuse my panic.
    Whatsisnaim likes this.

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