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2 systems 1 sub?

Discussion in 'audio' started by ljcarr, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. ljcarr

    ljcarr i have no idea what im talking about

    Can anyone advise me or point to some online info (I have looked) on what’s the best way of using a single subwoofer with both a sound bar and a 2 channel hifi system.
  2. doctorjuggles

    doctorjuggles pfm Member

    I'm guessing it depends on the sub. My sub accepts high level and LFE inputs, according to this thread, so does the BK XLS200 MK2. What sub do you have (if any) or are you in the process of researching to see what you need?
  3. ljcarr

    ljcarr i have no idea what im talking about

    Currently have a Cambridge audio Minx X301 connected to the sound bar via digital coaxial. The sub dose not have high level inputs! That’s why I’m asking I my need a new sub?
  4. pjdowns

    pjdowns Living the Hifi dream

    Wouldn't you cause some level of interference by connecting it to the two separate systems?
  5. ljcarr

    ljcarr i have no idea what im talking about

    Not sure only one sending signal to it at one time
  6. pjdowns

    pjdowns Living the Hifi dream

    Surely if you have something connected (whether sending the signal to the other end) there will be some level of interference? I am thinking back to when I had my AV amp connected via a single input on my 2 channel amp, there was still some level of connection.
  7. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    You woukd need to check with the manufacturer that it’s going to work. Even if you can switch between inputs at will, you might have grounding issues with two connections.
  8. wcavanagh

    wcavanagh pfm Member

    Are you sure the sound bar is connected via digital coaxia to the sub?

    The 301 has stereo rca inputs (low level) so as long as your sound bar and Hifi have sub/pre outputs you could connect one device to the left and the other to the right input on the sub. I did this for ages with an old quad sub and it worked well enough, though did find that the best crossover setting was a bit of a compromise in order to work with tv and music.

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