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2.1 set up, hi V lo level connection for sub?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Bluedroog, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Bluedroog

    Bluedroog pfm Member

    I’ve always had my BK XXLS400 connected simultaneously to an AV amp as well as my stereo power amp for both music and film, I rarely use my AV amp these days so wondered if there was a preference to hooking it up via the lo level phono to phono from my preamp for music in a 2.1?

    I’m may be wrong but assuming if it were a 2.2 set up it would be lo level? But how about in a 2.1? I guess it would only be taking signal from one channel rather than mixing the two (not sure if that is necessarily a disadvantage or not) but are there any advantages?

    I’ll give it a go but some practical experience or theory would be useful.

    Many thanks.
  2. Michael P

    Michael P pfm Member

    I have the same sub. The manual states "The advantage of this method [high level] is that the XXLS400 receives exactly the same signal as being supplied to the main speakers. This means that the character and tonal balance of the bass from the main speakers is carried through to the sub bass." I guess if you switch the filter to "In" you can use the crossover on low level too, but can't see what there would be to gain (and - if their manual is right - potentially there is something to lose).
  3. Bluedroog

    Bluedroog pfm Member

    Thanks for the information, doesn’t sound like a worth while exercise.

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