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[FS/SWAP] 1982 ‘Dan Smith’ Fender Stratocaster (hardtail)

Discussion in 'musical instruments' started by Tony L, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator


    The guitar on the right, obvs. This is a very cool and collectable guitar as they are regarded as very good and very rare due to a single-year of production. They were only made in 1982 and were the result of Yamaha’s Dan Smith taking over management of Fender’s flagging Fullerton plant and kicking things into shape quality-wise. Basically he simplified things and focussed on quality. The key visual indicators are a ‘70s logo on a small almost ‘60s headstock, the return of the four-bolt neck mount (no micro-tilt) and far tighter body contouring than was coming out immediately previously. FWIW you will notice people on eBay selling the later (‘83-4) cost-cut two knob Strats as ‘Dan Smith’, they technically are as they were a budget line he introduced, though they are not what is described as a ‘Dan Smith Strat’ and have nothing like the value. This is the real deal.

    This one is a very nice example of a natural hard-tail. It has some legitimate signs of wear but no dings through the finish. There is a bit of fret-munch around the ‘cowboy end’ though it still plays well, a basic fret-levelling would work wonders should you wish, there is plenty of fret height. The only thing that irritated my rather OCD tendencies is there is a tiny chip to the scratch-plate where some idiot previous owner must have tried (and failed) to adjust the truss-rod without taking the neck off, its only a mm and the truss-rod nut is fine and all works as it should. This guitar is 100% stock, no mods or anything. It has its original ‘70s style injection-moulded case, though it does have a little crack at one corner which may actually have occurred in transit to me.

    I like this guitar a lot, though it is just too similar a concept to the Yam SC1200 also in the pic to be of much actual use to me.
  2. 1964meb

    1964meb pfm Member

    man you guys have some nice spare toys!
  3. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Its a great guitar, really cool and in very decent condition. Just way too much overlap with the Yam to justify keeping both as I just don’t use it. As such still up for swaps for something cool, collectable and with a whammy bar!
  4. Rug Doc

    Rug Doc pfm Member

    Wow that’s cool.

    Laphroaig, Scapa and Highland park 12... I have those three on the shelf too. Sadly not a guitar you’d like though.
  5. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I wonder if Dan Smith was involved in both those guitars?! He was certainly at Yamaha before Fender, and the SC1200 dates from 1978.

    PS Old pic, currently Laphroig (a staple), Jura Journey (a bit meh), Bowmore 12 (which is really good), and a bottle of Scapa waiting to be opened. Some Bulleit Bourbon too.
  6. MikeSmiff

    MikeSmiff pfm Member

    I'll take one big one and three little ones please Rachel, whops wrong show. hic.

    Nice. If I am not wrong Billy Gibbons recorded LaGrange or a least the opening riff on a hard tail strat and I have fancied one after seeing Robert Cray playing one, sadly now is not the time for me to consider it but hope it finds the right hands.
  7. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Has to be time to give this thread a bump! I’m definitely interested in swaps. Things that come to mind are ideally a nice Les Paul Jr, maybe a US Tele, Bronco, Mustang. I’d obviously take money too; £1200 collected, shipping at cost/choice. That is way less than they go for on eBay/Reverb, but I’d take it to sell to an established pfm member without any hassle.
  8. Evo

    Evo pfm Member

    I know the thread is about the Strat but I love the Yam. I played a battered one years ago and was very impressed. The strat also looks very cool btw

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