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£1500 which turntable?

Discussion in 'audio' started by benjaminreed1, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. benjaminreed1

    benjaminreed1 Benjamin Reed

    And the Michell Tecnodec with a Techno Arm?
  2. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    What do you think of the Inspire turntables, like the Quest?
  3. benjaminreed1

    benjaminreed1 Benjamin Reed

    Not seen these ones...I am leaning towards Michell at the moment..
  4. jimsmy

    jimsmy pfm Member

    I have a number of turntables but am currently listening to a recently purshased Technics SL120 with an Audio Origami modified Mission 774 tonearm and a (Decca) London Gold Cartridge. Bearing in mind that I also have turntable/arm/cartridge combinations costing significantly more, this combination is just indescribably wonderful.
  5. guey

    guey pfm Member

    There's a Rega P9 in the classifieds here for £1300, which seems to be a bargain (I was pondering it myself earlier).
  6. Mike g

    Mike g pfm Member

    I think that I am about to sell my michell gyro with full orbe upgrade for £800 ex postage costs which would leave £700 for an arm and cart.
  7. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    This. Utter simplicity and great sound from the off.
  8. Clay B

    Clay B pfm Member

    Simple as a platter on a piece of plumbing............and just as elegant.
  9. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Though the sound bears no resemblance to plumbing !
  10. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    It's not so frequent to find Kuzma on the used market.
  11. deserter

    deserter pfm Member

    I'm somewhat biased, having owned two, but for me nothing gets close to the Funk Firm turntables. Although depending on your floor and speakers, you may want a wall shelf
  12. Chops54

    Chops54 pfm Member

    A second hand Gyro or Orbe will give you the best bang for your buck. These decks are that good to start with that upgrades are minimal so you're not constantly chasing the rainbow. A friend has an Orbe with a Tabriz tonearm and AT33 and it's a very nice sounding turntable. He had a moving magnet in the Tabriz before the AT and that sounded fine too. It seems quite a nice arm and gives a very good account of itself. Jelco based I think.
  13. hifijunkie

    hifijunkie Banned

    Hate record decks myself. to much messing about... although the last gyro i had was alright. had a dv20 cart but was defo missing somit and can be bright
  14. YNWOAN

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    Yes, that is an excellent deck.

    A lot of the LP12's on eBay seem to be cobbled together a bit out of bits - there are quite a lot of people buying LP12's, breaking them down and selling off the bits (sometimes very old bits). The Michell decks look cool and offer a lot for the money (though I'm not personally convinced by their sound - the Nottingham Audio decks don't do a lot for me either and the Technics is OK if you upgrade pretty much everything but the motor.
  15. scottyhammer

    scottyhammer pfm Member

    2nd hand LP 12
    New RP8
  16. positive_energy

    positive_energy pfm Member

    I picked up a WTA for about £1300 sh. Superb.
  17. benjaminreed1

    benjaminreed1 Benjamin Reed

    I'm starting to think that as I only have 30 LPs, I should divert my attention to digital and a decent DAC and USB cable...maybe even a valve amp..
  18. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles pfm Member

    Why don't you buy a Rega Planar 2.
    I have my Mother-in-Law's ( complete with an AT cartridge ) for sale.
    £200 ?
  19. 1964meb

    1964meb pfm Member

    With only 30 lps be tempted to put those funds elsewhere!

  20. worz

    worz pfm Member

    Just buy a good lp12 set up by Peter at cymbiosis ,job done regards worz

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