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Feb 1, 2023 at 5:25 PM
Feb 17, 2019
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Ontario, Canada

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pfm Member, from Ontario, Canada

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Viewing thread In praise of vinyl records, Feb 1, 2023 at 5:25 PM
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  • About

    Ontario, Canada
    Current speakers:
    1. Castle Harlech S1
    2. Centrios 7
    3. InStudio Stockholm
    4. NHT SuperOne 2.1
    5. PSB Alpha B1
    6. Rega Ela Mk 1
    7. Totem Mite
    8. Totem Hawk
    9. Technics SB-C700
    Past Speakers:
    1. Bose 161
    2. Castle Knight 1
    3. Klipsch R-14M
    4. Micca Covo-S
    5. Omage MS2-10
    6. Sony SS-B1000
    7. Yamaha NS-BP110
    8. PSB 50 MK ii
    9. PSB Alpha LR1
    10. Royd Eden
    11. Totem Skylight
    12. Infinity RS1
    Current Amplifiers:
    1. 2x Audiosource Amp100+
    2. Lepy LP-2020A
    3. NAD 3120
    4. NAD C 316BEE
    5. NAD C 326BEE
    6. Realistic SA102
    7. Rega Brio(2017)
    8. Topping TP21
    9. Topping TP60
    10. TubeDepot TubeCube 7
    Past Amplifiers:
    1. Naim Nait
    2. Naim 42/140
    1. Audio-Technica AT-LP60
    2. Linn Sondek LP12 (Pre Cirkus, Valhalla, Rega RB300, Rega Elys)
    3. Micromega MyDac
    4. Pro-Ject DACBox S
    5. Technics SL-220 (Ortofon 2m Red)
    6. Yamaha CD-S300
    Past Sources:
    1. Peachtree Audio DACiTx
    2. Pro-Ject Essential ii


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