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Mar 16, 2006
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Aylesbury, Bucks

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    Aylesbury, Bucks
    Chasing the audio dream for 40 years. From vintage Sansui reel-to-reel to mainly digital in many steps.

    • Basement audio and home-theatre room. Room 8.4m x 3.8m x 2.4m set to reduce overlapping room modes
    • Sound-proofed room-within-a-room
    • Bass tubetraps all corners and absorbers at first reflection points
    • Dedicated power distribution board with single spur per 15A (round-pin) socket
    Audio sources:
    • SOTM SMS200ultra trifecta media server using MPD player
    • Pink Triangle LPT + Origin Live RB250 arm + Grado MM cartridge + Graham Slee Gram Amp 2
    • Bryston SP3 processor
    • Brston 4BSST front stereo pair
    • Bryston 9BST rear and sides
    • Dynaudio Special 40 front pair
    • Dynaudio Focus 110 rear and sides
    • No centre speaker
    • Rythmik 12" sealed active subwoofers front and rear walls
    • 80Hz crossover in pre-processor
    Video chain:
    • OSMC Vero 4K+ media player powered by Baldwin LPSU
    • JVC X7000 DILA projector
    • Stewart 130 92" motorised screen
    • USB cables Ghent audio and Furutech ADL formula 2
    • Home-made power cables with IEGO IEC and 15A round pin plug - braided twin earth and live+neutral
    • Home-made copper foil speaker cables
    • Home-made balanced XLR mogami 2549 + neutrik to amps
    • Home-made RCA mogami 2549 + neutrik to subs
    • HDMI Wireworld Silver 6 and Audioquest Cinammon
    • Mains A/C filter DeZorel (used for projector)
    • Windows server hosting 12Tb media
    • Dedicated Cisco ethernet switch
    • Audio Elevation fuses used all 3 amps
    Setup notes:
    • Stereo listening spot set as near-field - chair just inside the equilateral triangle, stereo speakers well clear of walls
    • Subs phase adjusted relative to mains at crossover frequency for best transition according to REW
    • Cross-over set to 80Hz managed by Bryston SP3
    • Subs adjusted relative to each other for phase and volume to achieve flattest response at listening chair
    • Minimal use of PEQ on both subs to reduce main room mode
    • Volumes on sub boosted slightly to achieve effect similar to a house curve


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