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Your first real hifi

Discussion in 'audio' started by killie99, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. audiogoose

    audiogoose pfm Member

    Elac-Miracord turntable, Pickering cartridge
    Fisher 500T integrated amp and tuner
    Utah speakers (not sure which model)
    Never did like it as well as a friend's cheaper tube-based H.H. Scott system.
  2. joolsburger

    joolsburger pfm Member

    About 1989/90

    Systemdek 2S biscuit tin with heavy alloy platter and steel feet.
    Roksan Tabriz
    Shure v15

    Rotel rc850/rb850

    JBL TLX floorstanders

    I was 19 and my neighbours hated us!
  3. James Evans

    James Evans Bedroom Bodger

    would be about the same time:

    Ariston Q deck
    Wharfedale Diamond 3s
    technics cassette deck and cdp
  4. rontoolsie

    rontoolsie pfm Member


    A&R A60E amp and Tangent RS4 speakers from Billy Vee
    Michel Focus One with Hadcock GH228 and Sonus Blue Label from Subjective Audio
    Aiwa AD 1800 cassette deck from somewhere on Picadilly Circus (?KJ Leisuresound?) All funded with a summers job working graveyard shift making 4k RAM chips at the ITT factory in Sidcup.

    And in 1979 got an Entre One/Lentek Pre-preamp on my summers dole money- also purchased from Billy Vee.
  5. markn

    markn pfm Member

    Late 90s I think

    PT LPT Akito Ortofon Quartz
    Pioneer A400
    Wharfdale Delta 30s left over from a midi system

    I later added an Arcam alpha something CD and Meridian 203
  6. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    1986, 2nd year uni, funded by a summer as a lab tech on a sewage plant: Pioneer A22 amp, Diamond 2 speakers and...an Aiwa cassette deck while I worked out whether to buy CD or LP. 22 years on I still have both formats.:rolleyes:
  7. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    1978, age 15, bought second hand as a job lot with a bit of money from a will:

    Goldring Lenco GL75 / Shure M75EJ
    Quad FM3
    Quad 33 / 303
    Hitachi D-550 cassette deck
    Jim Rogers JR149 speakers

    All set up with no skill whatsoever and the cheapest cables known to man. I'd love to hear it again, it helped me discover much of my favourite music.

  8. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    Nakamichi BX-100 cassette deck
    Harman Kardon HK340 receiver
    Bang & Olufsen RL60 speakers
  9. Heath

    Heath pfm Member

    1974, age 7. My dad bought a B&O system and sorted out a system for me to stop me playing with it. Can't remember what it was exactly, but it was some kind of idler wheel turntable, a big valve amp, and some floorstanding speakers (that I think my dodgy uncle later admitted to nicking from a school). It was fabulous until the turntable died when I was in my teens and the amp and speakers were donated to a local school.

    First hifi purchase was when I was heading off to uni. Bought a secondhand Technics SLP2 off a mate who had to have the latest model, an Arcam Delta 90 amp and Arcam 2 speakers. Still got the speakers in my bedroom.

  10. sds

    sds pfm Member

    1971 still at school

    Pioneer PL12D
    Rotel RA 611
    Thorpe Grenville Speakers (I think that was Comet's own thing. Big boxes large oval cone with tweeter on centre line in front of it.)

    Seriously good sounds in my room.

    Although lots of upgrades have happened (now active system), the original amp and deck are at my brother in law's where they get regular use. Not bad for around the £60 I paid for them.

    Biggest memory of it was not wanting to buy on the never never so the deck was bought first. Months went by and then the amp and the cheapest set of headphones I could get. More months and then the speakers. Bliss.
  11. Carl Nyqvist

    Carl Nyqvist pfm Member


    Dual 505-1
    Yamaha CR-840 receiver
    Boston A40


    Edit; Just recalled I bought this record the same day to test drive my shiny new system - ah memories!

  12. RickyC6

    RickyC6 Infuriate the frog-men

    1980 - Akai "separates" from my Mum's catalogue. Doubt it was really hifi but it was great fun!
    And it had a graphic equalizer.


  13. Newboy

    Newboy pfm Member

    A Thorens 150 TT plus Sony integrated amp & (large!) speakers, bought in Bedford in 1971; I don't know the model appellation but I do know they are still in use ( except the TT) with my godson
  14. taffyboy1

    taffyboy1 pfm Member

    My first system comprised of;

    1. Dual 505 Mk2 (wood plinth)
    2. arcam alpha
    3. Celestion DL4

    very nice memories still have amp and speakers, my brother has the turntable (in loft!)
  15. markt

    markt hello

    1993, been working for 8 years by this time and had forgotten all about music, forgotten all about the only thing that made the school years bareable!

    Just like the scene from the blues brothers, the one when Jake receives a 'beam of light' THE BAND!?? the band? the band THE BAND!!!

    I needed something to cheer me up that summer so I did what I always did, splurged on toys!

    A JVC XLZ777 CD player secondhand from the Friday-Ad
    A Technics SUV45 amplifier secondhand from Bowers&Wilkens in Littlehampton Road
    A pair of JPW sonata speakers from the Friday-Ad

    I was a cheapskate then and nothing has changed in that regard :D

    It sounded great though, at least that is my memory, oh oh!
  16. hammeredklavier

    hammeredklavier owner of two very cheap hi-fis

    Denon something-or-other CD player, old Pioneer whatever record player (the one that used to be THE budget choice once upon a time) Rotel RA-921 amp, Mission 780s.

    I added a Marantz (52 MkII, IIRC) CD player later, and I remember the system with affection. It was quite musically satisfying and served me well for years. The Mission speakers were horribly unreliable though, always blowing drive units. They were essentially ultra-cheap shit with a clever cabinet design.

  17. speedysteve

    speedysteve Active Member

    Am I the only one (so far) to have a (1980)
    NAD3020 amp
    Misson 700's speakers
    Trio ? record deck
    I then got an Ariston SDR 190E (I think it was in 1982).

    I am probably the only one to still have the Nad and Misson's running - Very nice they are too in my Garage (listened to them tonight in fact) with a Yamaha tuner as a source.
  18. Dr_Evil

    Dr_Evil Necessary evil

    Systekdek IIX900 / RB250 / Goldring 1022

    Marantz PM40SE

    B&W DM610's on Target HS20's
  19. neiljadman

    neiljadman Senior Member

    Mid 70s - still in Grammar School! And working a Saturday job to pay for it. After a series of upgrades I arrived at what I consider to be my first proper HiFi"
    • Thorens TD150/Hadcock 228 Unipivot/AKG P7E
    • New Acoustic Dimension (NAD) 3020 - the original one with blue VU meters and a wooden sleeve
    • JR149 loudspeakers
    • Akai GXC-710D Cassette Deck

    This set up saw me right through Uni when I went Linn/Meridian/Celef/Nak
  20. timpy

    timpy Speaker Abuser

    At school, 1985
    Garrard SP25 TT
    Decca cassette deck
    Cambridge Audio P50 amp
    some car speakers in big boxes, most of which came from jumble sales

    First system I actually bought was, by 1989 while doing some part time work while in 6th form

    Ariston Q-deck TT with Goldring Epic II
    Philips CD373 cdp
    Aiwa AD-R460 cassette deck
    Marantz PM35 Amp
    B&W DM100i speakers

    B&W's soon became Castle Trents, and the Aiwa lasted exactly 14 months before it lost output on one channel and needed a new reversible head assembly at fantastic cost....


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