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Your amp history...

Discussion in 'audio' started by Michael L, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. eevo1969

    eevo1969 pfm Member

    Marantz PM55
    Quad 606/44
    Linn LK1/280(awful)
    Rogers integated valve amps(20 & 40 watts)
    DPA 50S pre/power
    AVI S2000MP/4x monoblocks
    Audio Note Oto Se
  2. David F

    David F pfm Member

    What a lot of naimies!!

    JVC (?) Jazz 11G (C1980)
    I tried a nad 3020 but didn't like (1983)
    I had ait on approval from AE in Cardiff and it got returned
    Instead I had a little QED amp (sorry these details are a lttle sketchy now)
    Cyrus 1 (about '92)

    I returned to hifi about 5/6 years ago and went throiugh a naim stage (I had a few funds then)
    72/140 +flat cap ok but it wasn't soundstaging

    Now Dynavox valves. (well modded)

    Funds permitting I'd play with valves /valve amps far more. Going back to the Cyrus you certainly notice the difference.

    (Funds do not permit.)
  3. Paul Gravett

    Paul Gravett Good Bot Gone Bad

    1978: (Oct) Quad 33/405
    1981: (May) Nytech CTA252 + Nytech power amp for active speakers
    1994: (Nov) Naim 32.5/110
    2001: (May) Naim 102/Hicap/180
    (Sep) Naim 82/Hicap/180
    (Dec) Naim 82/Hicap/250
    2002: (Mar) Naim 82/Supercap/250 + 2nd 250 for active system
    (Jun) Naim 52/Supercap/250x2
    2003: (Sep) Naim 52/Supercap/135x2
    2005: (Jan) Tom Evans The Vibe/Pulse + Avondale M130 x2
    2006: (Mar) Dynavector L100/Avondale M130 x2
    2006: (Aug) Dynavector L100/Dynavector HX 1.2
    2008: (May) Dynavector L300/Dynavector HX 1.2

    So it has been quite a journey, beginning in 1978 at the tender age of 16 with my first real hifi. I'm really pleased with my Dynavector amps and my system as a whole, not least because the box count is way lower than it used to be when I was a Naimee!
  4. Riverside

    Riverside pfm Member

    Mullard Unilex transistor kit amp (in my teens)
    Denon D70 mini-system
    Audiolab 8000A (briefly)
    Naim NAC72/NAP140 (subsequently added Hi-Cap)
    Quad 66/606
    AVI S2000MI integrated
    ATC CA2/Active 10s
  5. Tilters

    Tilters pfm Member

    1979- SAE MK30 (used with original Polk audio 7 speakers, proved unreliable).
    1983- Yamaha B6 (shaped like a pyramid, seriuos power, able to attain concert level volumes with the Polk speakers- perfect for my college years).
    1993- B&K ST1400 (a sweet sounding solid state amp)
    1996- Conrad Johnson MV55 (a beautiful EL34 amp, sweet, midrange timbre eerily convincing. Excelled on jazz, classical, rock less so)
    2003- Sugden A21a (the grand daddy of British Integrateds, very musical, as close to tubes as possible for SS amp, but also hottest running amp I have owned)
    2001- Pass Labs Aleph 30 (famous Nelson pass class A solid state sound, proved to be a little under powered for my needs)
    2005- Rega Mira Integrated (My first Rega amp after using a Rega turn table and cdp for years. A pretty good amp. Got due to pratical considerations- less energy consumption, no tube purchases, and simplicity plus freedom from heat and hassle of 3 above amps which for me were desirable in winter and undesirable most of the time. I sought an amp for all seasons)
    2008- Rega Elicit second incarnation (My amp for all seasons. Got when first released in US. Has the bit of extra refinement and musicality one expects from a top class British integrated. Alot of my feeling about it is in agreemnet with an online review at six moons audio http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/rega/elicit.html. Loving it with the RS3 speakers and Jupiter 2000 cdp- the combination continues to captivate)
  6. BIFFA

    BIFFA not a clue

    QUAD 2/22'S
    NVA AP30
    ROTEL RA930
    NAIM 92/FLATCAP/2X 90.3
    NAIM 112/150
    NAIM 102/napsc/180
    Roksan Kandy

    phew all done that is a lot of amp,i think there are too many there.
  7. cliffyboy

    cliffyboy Exposure Fan

    1992: NAD 3020
    1993: Rotel RB80/90 Not sure
    1995: Cambridge Audio A1
    1999: Exposure VII/VI/Super VIII
    2001: Exposure VII/XII/Super VIII
    2003: Exposure VII/XII/Dual IV
    2004: Exposure XI/XII/Dual IV
    2005: Exposure XI/IX/Dual IV
    2006: Exposure XI/IX/Dual IV and loaned XVIs
    2007: Exposure XI/IX/Dual IV Reg & Un-Reg
    2008: Exposure XIV/IX/Dual IV Un-Reg & Reg/loaned XVIIIs
    2009: Exposure XIV/IX/XVIs/Mono VIIIs

    Although these were my preferred set ups. I also owned, again by Exposure Stereo IV, Single VII, VI PSUs, X/XV integrated amps.

    Other amps include, naim nait 1 (blinder of an amp), arcam Alpha 8 & 9

    I think thats it, but then again some things are still in boxes from as far back as 8 years ago, will have to open them up to see what is in there.
  8. Nick Dartmoor

    Nick Dartmoor pfm Member

    Some big old Pioneer thing long ago that I remember as sounding nice.
    Audiolab 8000a
    Sugden A21a in main system now and can't imagine changing it anytime soon :)
    Sansui AU101 was in the bedroom.
    John Linsley-Hood Stereo 30 in bedroom system now.
  9. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Can you hear Talvin Singh?

    Goodmans Module 90 tuner/amp 1977-80
    Nytech 252 integrated 1980-89
    Exposure X integrated 1989-98
    Exposure XX1/XVIII 1998-now
    Tom Evans Vibe/Border Patrol power amp 2005-now

    I have toyed with the idea of getting a Linear A to complement the Vibe (and the Groove phono amp) but have decided against for various reasons. Possibly.
  10. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Crumpets. I can hear crumpets.

  11. bob atherton

    bob atherton pfm Member

    Just found this thread.

    I too owned a Harrison Chapman integrated , I beleive it was an S100, back in 1973. It was a fantastic amp IMHO. I used it with my LP12, Grace 707, Sure cart and Studiocraft speakers.

    The amp was one of the first toroidal's AFAIK, had touch sensitive input changing 'buttons' and had a great deal of drive. The Harrison then went on to make H&H guitar amps (not so good IMHO)
  12. Yank

    Yank Bulbous Also Tapered

    I can think of at least three people who got near-iconic noises out of H&H guitar amps - Marc Bolan, Gary Green (of Gentle Giant) and Wilko Johnson.
  13. rocky raccoon

    rocky raccoon pfm Member

    Rotel RA 820 (you gotta start somewhere)
    Lindsley Hood 40 watt Hart Kit passive input with alps pot - Now we're getting somewhere!
    Rotel Pre amp with Lindsley Hood 40 watt
    Rotel pre amp with 2 Lindsley Hood stereo 40 watt amps - bi amping ! Yeah !
    Home made passive with Lindsley Hood 80 watt monos (this is it !)
    From then on it was a pre amp thing -
    Hafler pre
    AVI pre
    Linsdley hood 1400 series pre amp - almost as transparent as the passive but without the cable hassle (i.e almost no cables at all).

    I am in the process of building another pair of Lindsley Hood monos to bi amp the current system.

    All of the Lindsley Hood amps are still in service. I have no idea what it would cost to find a better commercially available alternative.
  14. zarniwoop

    zarniwoop pfm Member

    Sony TA70
    JVC JAS11
    A&R A60
    MF The Preamp/Quad 303
    MF Preamp 2A/P170
    Naim 112x/150x

    The first two were bought and sold over 30 years ago and I just realised how sad I am to have remembered the model numbers for that length of time. I didn't know I had until I tried. I need to reassess what's left of my life.:(
  15. PigletsDad

    PigletsDad pfm Member

    I've just realised that I have never bought an amplifier in my life.

    I had home made DIY amps of one sort or another for years, then when I did the design consultancy for Maclaren (the NZ one, not TAG Maclaren) in the 1980s, I got a set of early production kit as part of my payment, and have used those ever since, with some small modifications, and minor refurbishment a couple of years ago - I replaced some caps in the power amps.

    I had a little Naim set for a couple of months on loan, and had a Sugden class A for a bit to look at.
  16. chris@panteg

    chris@panteg pfm Member

    Nad 3020

    Cyrus 2

    Cyrus 2 /PSX

    Concordant Excelsior pre/ Concordant Quad 2 's

    Concordant Excelsior pre / Concordant Exemplar 100w SS built by L/ Wolstenholm

    Concordant Excelsior pre (heavily tweaked) / Audio Innovavation's 2nd Audio Mono's with 2 Border Patrol PSU's

    Musical Fidelity X80

    Cambridge Audio 740A (present)
  17. Taff63

    Taff63 pfm Member

    Technics SU8011
    Naim Nait (still have it)
    Naim NAC82/250/HiCap
    Dussun V8i - great
  18. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Pro-ject amp. My all time favourite. MM & MC input. No tone controls. Exceptionally good with records, as the phono input was pre-eminent in its design. Any company that makes turntables should concentrate on the phono input. Pro-ject did just that. Its line inputs are very good, too. I drive it with a Tascam CD160 player, but it performs brilliantly with my AR XA. The Shure M75ED is superb through it. It's fitted with an Expert Pickups stylus which adds to the fidelity. I have an Audiolab 8000A on my main system, but the Pro-ject is listened to much more on the 2nd system, as my wife watches television a lot... If anyone sees a Pro-ject for saleb buy it ! Martyn Miles
  19. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Yes, it's a Pro-ject 7...
  20. bob atherton

    bob atherton pfm Member

    I can only speak as I find. I play bass guitar and back in 1975 my rig for my Rickenbacker 4001 was a Hiwatt 100 valve head into a Hiwatt 2x15" cab for the bass part of the signal and an HH 100 head and 2 x 4x12 cabs for the treble part of the signal. All this sounded great but the Hiwatt was the much better amp IMHO. the HH always sounded a bit cold.

    One of the guitarists had an Orange 100 head with an Orange 4x12 cab, that really sang.

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