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Witch Hat Audio N2 Speaker Cables 3.5m Pair - 2 Sets Available

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by andyzeg, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    Two sets of Witch Hat Audio N2 Speaker Cable for sale. ** Now sold subject to payment - Thanks **

    Each pair is 3.5m in length and terminated with banana plugs.

    These are in excellent condition and come with original boxes. (the boxes are a bit scuffed in places)

    These cables can be used with any speaker amp combination but were developed to be a suitable substitute for Naim NAC A5 cable...so can be confidently used with Naim.

    This is a very flexible cable and unlike Naim speaker cable, it can be coiled and will easily go around corners.

    I used it very successfully with my Naim 135s and NBLs and to my ears...it sounded much better than my previous NAC A5. Clearer, sharper sound with an improved soundstage. I have two pairs as I once had the desire to work towards a Naim 6 pack...just never got there.

    Disadvantages of N2 when compared to Naim NAC A5...

    1) You can't knock nails in with it
    2) You can't build up your arm muscles to Mr. Universe standard when trying to bend it
    3) You can't use it to replace the cables on a suspension bridge
    4) You can't use it replace the anchor chain on an aircraft carrier

    On the plus side though...N2 will not throw you loudspeakers forward into your lap as it uncoils.

    So all round...these are great speaker cables!

    I am asking for £50 for each 3.5m pair including postage to the UK. ** Now sold subject to payment - Thanks **

    No offers please as I think that is a good price (£120 a pair new). I will send overseas but that will be plus postage depending where you are.

    Links to photos on Dropbox below....I hope they work as I've not used it before....let me know if they don't please....thanks.

  2. retseldrib

    retseldrib pfm Member

    For what its worth, I have two 5m pairs along with an original NACA5 5m pair in an active Isobarik system; the N2 cables are excellent and of course very manageable.

    I bought mine direct from Witchhat for a lot more money of course.
  3. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    One pair is now sold - Thank you
  4. vrazji

    vrazji pfm Member

    Happy to take the 2nd set. I'll send you a PM.
  5. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    Just sent you a PM...thanks
  6. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    ** Both pairs now sold - thank you **

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