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What is your current system? part I

Discussion in 'reference' started by Re-Joyce, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. Re-Joyce

    Re-Joyce ... Jason H that is.

    Main system:

    Well Tempered Amadeus GTAA Turntable (doesn't need the isolation board in the pictures, the plinth is acrylic and aluminium - hence the AA)
    Well Tempered Amadeus GTAA Arm
    Dynavector DrT XV-1s cartridge
    Dynavector L300 mk 2 Pre-amplifier
    Dynavector P300 Phono-stage
    Dynavector HX1.2 Power Aplifier
    Shahinian Obelisk 2's
    Micromega Pro transport and Pro DAC

    Supported on Hutter Racktime tables
    Interconnects are home brew, Mogami microphone cable with bullet plugs, digital by a Chord Silver cable.
    Speaker cable is back to Kimber 4TC

    Upgrades to come: None ... until hell freezes over or the new Dynavector power amps appear, whichever happens first!



  2. joel

    joel mojo working

    Nottingham Interspace HD / Dynavector DV20 cart / Loricraft Missing Link phono stage
    Teac VRDS50 CDP

    Accuphase 270v preamp
    Aura PA 200 power amp -->still going, still not quite gone.

    All on a maple Coffeespire.

    Harbeth Compact 7ES-II speakers on Sound Anchors

    no 2
    Denon AZ1650n CDP
    PC with M-audio audiophile 24/96 sound card,

    Luxman L501s integrated

    Spendor SP3/1P are fun but really are too big...

    Cable is whatever happens to be lying around.
  3. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Confession time I see...

    Naim CD3.5 modified somewhat as described here .
    Cables and supports arbitrary.
    Impulse H5 speakers. My how they go some.

  4. AlanL

    AlanL Registered User

    Current System,

    Meridian G0-8 CD Player

    Lightspeed passive pre

    Naim NAP-160

    Naim SBL

    All Chord interconnects & speaker cables
  5. Stuart Mason

    Stuart Mason .....

    * LP12, Valhalla, Ittok, DV D17D2mk2
    * Trichord Dino
    * Rega Cursa & Maia
    * Rega Planet
    * Klipsch Heresy II

    2nd: - At concept stage... Perhaps for the Vintage forum??

    * NAD 514(?) CDP - faulty, possible subject for modding...
    * Onkyo surround sound thingy - will get around to selling it
    * B&W 602s2

  6. kevinl

    kevinl Junior Senior Member

    Lounge System:

    Naim CD2
    Rega Planar 3 / Dynavector DV10x4 mk11
    Naim NAT03
    Sony DVD (whatever)
    Naim NAC82 / Supercap
    Naim NAP 250 (olive)
    Naim Allae

    Spare room:
    Naim CD3
    Naim Nait3
    Denon TU 260L
    Rega Kyes
  7. scrosland

    scrosland ...


    Squeezebox 3
    Derek Shek "Blackbox" NOS DAC
    Yamaha TX-492RDS tuner
    Primare I21 integrated amplifier
    Shahinian Compass loudspeakers
    Canford HSS-M2 and Van Damme interconnect cables
    Avondale Black Link speaker cables
    Olson Sound Fantastic power strip
    Ash Designs stand.

  8. Ed Rogerson

    Ed Rogerson Culturally irrelevant

    Roksan Xerxes/OL250/Goldring Eroica
    Naim CD2
    NAP250 (Avondaled)
    RMS Revelation S1

    Naim/Chord cables

    Rega Ear/Sennheiser HD600

    RMS/Stands Unique/Mana supports

    Upgrades in the hopefully "not too distant" -
    selling the CD2
    better MC cartridge
    outboard x-overs for Revelation S1s
    home-brew PSU for Xerxes
    Avondale tweakery for the 102
  9. mcai7et2

    mcai7et2 pfm Member


    Creek CD42 (with Trichord Clock 2)
    Chord Cobra 2
    Naim Nait 3
    Ixos Gamma 6006
    Linn Index/Target stands

    Soon to be:

    Creek CD42 (with Superregs and Trichord Clock 2)
    Chord Cobra 2
    Naim NAC32
    Naim SNAPS
    (some IC)
    Avondale NCC200 Power amp (DIY)
    Avondale Black Link speaker cables
    Linn Index/Target stands

    Eventually (within say... 18 months):

    Creek CD42 (w/ above mods)
    Rega P3 TT
    Naim NAC32
    Naim/ALW SuperSNAPS
    Avondale NCC200 Power amp
    Avondale Black Link speaker cables
    Linn Index/Target stands

    All sitting on a decent looking support (the only support I activel like the look of is the Stands Unique wall shelf system, if I cannot get one of those it will be something black and discreet)

    At that point I will start to worry about my speakers
  10. Arthur Bye

    Arthur Bye Member

    Main system

    Nap52/Nap500/LP12/Aro/HelikonSL/Prefix/ Nat01/NBLs-passive/CDS2

    Basement system:

    Nac82/4X135's/Snaxo/Hi-Cap/Active Kan1's/Kremlin tuner/CDS1

    Other System


    Arthur Bye
  11. JMP

    JMP Member

    to christen the new forum :cool:

    Thorens TD124/Ittok LVII/Grado 78

    250 (olive)

    Kef 3/5A

    dedicated spur/home-made hydra

    one year ago I was at CD3.5/92/180 stage !

    best upgrade?
    I would say dedicated spur & 52/SC

  12. Stew B

    Stew B Doh !

    Well here is mine:

    LP12, Ittok LV2, Ortofon MC 20 Supreme/Avondale Taps
    Naim CD5
    Naim 72/Hi cap/180
    Marantz 6030 CDR
    Denon Casette deck
    Pioneer F656 Tuner
    Rega ELA's
    Stax Gamma pro headphones

    Loewe Planus TV
    Toshiba DVD
    Aego P5 home cinema

    For the future
    Add second Hi Cap to CD5
    Get current Hi Cap serviced
    New speakers but don't know what
  13. joongul

    joongul Member

    Roksan TMS Turntable with DS1.5 power supply
    Roksan Artemiz arm
    Dynavector Karat Nova cartridge

    47 Labs Shigaraki transport/dac

    Exposure 21 pre amp
    Exposure 13 phono amp
    Exposure 4DR power amp

    Neat Elite speakers

    Exposure XLR cable between pre and power
    47 Labs OTA cable for the rest

    Target wallmount unit for turntable, Apollo Aria rack for the rest
    Neuance isolation boards used everywhere
    Mana Soundbase under the speakers

    No upgrade planned :)
  14. JMP

    JMP Member

    I see you have a Marantz 6030 CDR burner.

    I'm particularly interested in the analog inputs. What do you think of it? Is this OK to copy vinyl to CDs?

  15. Andrew L Weekes

    Andrew L Weekes Senior Reverse Engineer


    NAD 402 tuner
    Denon TU260II tuner

    Linn LP12 / Ittok / Klyde / Prefix

    Recording stuff:

    Marantz DR600 CDR
    WMD6C Walkman pro (needs fixing!)

    Line stages:




    Headphone amps:

    Op-amp based, single-ended class A, with multiple-loop feedback.


    Linn Kan II's (on Nait)
    IBL's updated to Mk2 on NAP150

    Power Supplies:

    Secret squirrel stuff in various stages of development ;)


    Ash Design, 7-tier for boxes
    Target wall shelf + Mana thingy for LP12.

    Phew, I think that covers it.

  16. chiily

    chiily PFM Special Builder

    I'm just a baby in this, lack of funds and a not having been near a hifi dealer in years (well only to get my LP12 serviced!)

    LP12, Valhalla, Cirkus, Akito, Ortofon MC25FL.
    (Really need to replace that Valhalla)

    S/H CD52SE - Never opened the box, but there must be some room for tweaking!

    Dead ADF750 cassette

    Prinz tuner - S/H, not too bad either. Soon to be replaced by a NAD4225 when I can find one cheaply on ebay.

    32.5 (tweaked MC boards, OSCON SPs on all the boards across the power)

    NAP160 (recappped with BHCs)

    Homebrew dual mono PSU for 32.5 (soon to be superreg'd)

    Home made DIN to phonos leads all round.

    EPOS14s - very old, but still superb to listen to.

    Main: dedicated 6mm2 twin and earth to 6 unswitched Crabtree sockets

    All on a DIY Felxi table.
  17. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    LP12/Ittok/Goldring 1042 – Phase Seven Mana.

    Micromega Leader II – Phase Four.

    72 –Phase Five.

    Avondale LP12 PSU/Hi-Cap/250 – Phase Four.

    Linn Saras – Phase Two dedicated Mana Sara stands.

    Tried to load a picture but it told me to get stuffed! Will try again.
  18. SCIDB

    SCIDB Triode Man


    My current first team includes

    Avid Acutus turntable
    SME V tone arm
    Ortofon Jubilee

    Tag transport
    Chord Dac64

    Audio Innovations P2 phonostage (Modded)
    Audio Synthesis Passive pre.
    Border Patrol Single ended power amp

    Living Voice Avartar OBXs Loudspeakers

    Cables from Townshend, Goertz, Audionote, Kimber, Lat & TCI

    Nakamichi Cassette Deck, Sony Minidisk player, Pioneer Cd recorder

    VPI Record cleaning machine

    & between 12000 & 15000 Records & CDs.

    Racks by Clearlights, Origin live, Stand design & Apollo

    Loads of Vinyl (over 10,000 items) & CDs (over 3500). Need to count them.

    Back up
    Various turntables, NVA passive pre (Modded), SJS Electroacoustics Model 1 preamps, & speakers including garrard 401, Elite Rock, Finestra pre, various Audio Innovations amps, Sumo power amp, Impulse H5 speakers, Quad II amps, Technics SP10 turntable etc, etc.

  19. dancause

    dancause A pink-fisher from Québec

    my current system:

    Naim CD2
    Naim Nac102/NAPSC/Hi-Cap
    Naim Nap250 "chrome bumper"
    Rega ear/senn. HD580

    Harbeth Compact7 es2

    Quadraspire 4

    Notice many CD2s in the descriptions. How is it we never hear about this naim model?

    Congrats Tony, I nice please this will be! :)
  20. Ian Hughes

    Ian Hughes pfm Member

    Primary Sources
    Vinyl - Linn LP12, Keel, Ekos SE, Akiva, Radikal / Urika
    Digital - Linn Klimax DS (Dynamik)
    Secondary Sources
    Television - Panasonic TX32LXD600
    Linn Klimax Kontrol /1 (Dynamik)
    2 x Linn Akurate Chakra 3200 (Dynamik)
    Aktiv Linn Espek
    Linn K600 cables
    Stax 3030 Earspeakers/Energiser
    Linn silver incons
    5 shelf Quadraspire QAV stand
    Moth Mk II Record Cleaner
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