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Unfamiliar power connector

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by colinegreen, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. colinegreen

    colinegreen pfm Member

    Hi -

    I just unpacked a bunch of gear which came back to me from Avondale Audio.

    One of the NAP 250s Les worked on has a new AC input connector I have never seen before. The other one has the normal AEC connector.

    The unfamiliar one is a little under 2 cm in diameter, round, and has two red plastic posts inside the round opening, and one smaller bare metal post, presumably the ground (?).

    Can any one help me identify this connector type so I can buy the needed cable to plug it in?

    I sure hope it is not some UK only type. (I am in the USA).

    Les's message box here is full, and the contact page of the Avodale website replied with a not very encouraging note about how long I might have to wait to get a reply. So, I am appealing to the PFM community

    Excited to hear it all making music as soon as I can get it hooked up!

    Thanks -

  2. LesW

    LesW Making electronics make music

    It's a Cannon mains connector Colin, fitted to the older Naims as standard. As the 250 came in with this connector, I assumed you'd have the correct fitting mains lead. If you can't get hold of one locally, I'll be happy to pop one on airmail to you.

    ps. UPS, who eventually collected the packages, never even murmured about unpacking the items. Glad it all arrived OK.
  3. colinegreen

    colinegreen pfm Member

    Great. I am pretty sure that amp came to you with an IEC connector attached. This may be a USA model different from yours.

    An airmail cable would be great. Think I can find one here?

    Thanks -

  4. colinegreen

    colinegreen pfm Member

    Hi Les -

    I have now confirmed that the 250 I can power up is working. Hard to tell how it sounds without the HF channel going to the tweeters, but it works!

    Let me know on the cable - I have not seen one for sale locally in the searching I have done in the last hour or so.

    Thanks -

  5. neiljadman

    neiljadman Senior Member

    Colin, I'd remove your fedex # if I were you - you could end up with a big bill!
  6. colinegreen

    colinegreen pfm Member

    Thanks Neiljadman!

    I realized this was not an email to Les only after I posted it. I did not realize until your post that I could edit my posts. I will make sure to watch for bogus charges!!

    Thanks -


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