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The Leveson Inquiry Thread.

Discussion in 'off topic' started by TheDecameron, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Mescalito

    Mescalito pfm Member

    Not very, if the last 3 administrations are anything to go by.

  2. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    It is extremely serious, although I can't deny the results might disappoint some. :)
  3. Mark EJ

    Mark EJ pfm Member

    On the face of it, pretty serious. When you really think about it -- still pretty serious. However, if a 'hacked' voice message has the potential to change government, then logically it must contain something which the incumbent government does not want publicly known. Ergo -- the public should know, and a service has been performed.

    In that particular (and grossly oversimplified) scenario though, the (replacement) incoming government would seek a much more cosy relationship with the media in order to avoid falling into the same trap. It would not naturally occur to them to think 'better not do dodgy stuff, might get rumbled' -- they will always think 'might get rumbled, make sure nothing happens if we do'.

    That is the nature of the political class with which we have lumbered ourselves.
  4. Mescalito

    Mescalito pfm Member

    I don't want to open that can of worms, but I know that if you re-read that particular thread, I consistantly asserted that ALL rape was equally abhorrent.

    If guilty, jail the buggers. And had Cameron been actually charged with anything criminal, that would include him.

  5. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    I agree, although there's plenty more potential for extremely serious shenanigans from such hacking, & nothing to do with dodgy behaviour of politicians.
  6. jackbarron

    jackbarron Stamford Bridge KGB

    I'll be amazed if she goes to prison.

    I bet sections of News International, the police, the government, and some judges and lawyers are all corrupt.

    Look at what happened Eric Joyce, the Labour MP from Falkirk, when he went to court. He was given a £3,000 fine and a 1 year community order, after being found guilty of four charges of assault in the HOC's Stranger's Bar.

    Much though I'd like to see the Tories beaten into the ground, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

  7. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    The crimes are uninteresting, pretty much what one would expect from such a grubby and disreputable gutter-press and it's 'baron'. The interesting thing is just how close it all runs to the heart of government and the corporate classes / establishment that call the shots. The closer the better as far as I'm concerned - I'd like to watch the whole lot crawling around in the same crud.
  8. Nick Urfe

    Nick Urfe pfm Member

    We're going back to last Wednesday with this one, but I was surprised it wasn't mentioned on this thread.


    In particular: "Robert Quick, formerly Britain's top counter-terrorism officer, has alleged that his senior Scotland Yard colleagues buckled under Conservative party pressure and withdrew their support for an investigation of a Tory frontbench spokesman who had received leaks which allegedly endangered national security.

    "Quick told the Leveson inquiry on Wednesday that the arrest in 2008 of the Conservative immigration spokesperson, Damian Green, sparked outrage from senior Tories and Conservative-leaning papers. Quick said the furore led the then acting commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson to ask him to halt the criminal investigation.

    "Quick alleged that Green had not just received the leaks but encouraged a civil servant to pass on information that may have endangered national security."

  9. sideshowbob

    sideshowbob 47 Lab Rat

    Very. I remember the fuming from the Tories at the time (and the inevitable thread here). My assumption was that he was probably guilty of something (he's a Tory after all). Hopefully more will come to light.
  10. Mark EJ

    Mark EJ pfm Member

    Although it has to be said that Quick himself didn't come out of that era particularly well, so he'd have quite a big axe to grind. It's surely very likely that much of this is a revenge-based settling of old scores among the political class.

    I seem to remember that it was him who was photographed outside Downing Street displaying printed sheets whose contents were so sensitive that some sort of anti-terrorist hoopla had to be brought forward, and resulting in his resignation, which in turn generated the Sun headline "You can’t quit quicker than a thick Quick quitter". And wasn't there a rumour that he ran a taxi business at weekends, or something?
  11. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Rebekkahh has had her collar felt again. I hope she's been watching her Prisoner in Cell Block H DVDs for Domestic tips.
  12. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    Prime Minister could be questioned on oath at the Leveson judicial inquiry about this friendship with former editor of the News of the World Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie, Downing Street admits.


    Time to ask Tony B about asbestos?
  13. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    That Rebbekkahh, she wants jailing does that one.
  14. Nick Urfe

    Nick Urfe pfm Member

    If Quick's allegations are revenge-based, you can guarantee that Sir Paul Stephenson - who was at the very centre of Quick's account - will refute the allegations. He hasn't so far.
  15. hokkaido

    hokkaido pfm Member

    Good article from the NYRB on Murdoch here. Thanks!
  16. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Engulfed in his own slime. Perro semihundido.
  17. simeon

    simeon No fixed engagements

    Damn, I've now read it online before my paper copy arrives :mad:
  18. hokkaido

    hokkaido pfm Member

    Don't worry that won't be in the paper copy as it's just their blog article! If you don't already, you should get the LRB too. Thanks!
  19. simeon

    simeon No fixed engagements

    Off topic I know, but I can't get on with LRB for some reason and much prefer NYRB.
  20. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    The little mole rat of a man who went down with the News of the Screws, strapped to the editor's chair (Wallace) was ranting today. Wallace was like many of his colleagues, a bit thick but highly cunning. He was easy for Counsel to trip up though, given his need to talk and talk all about his opinions. The git had the temerity to chastise the hearing for bringing his "innocent little daughter into it." Playing the faux morally outraged father, he too a victim. Pity his rag never have the Dowler family and others the same respect.

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