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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part II)

Discussion in 'reference' started by djnickuk, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. raynor73

    raynor73 pfm Member

    Just bought Candleman's Revelation 1 speakers. Top guy to deal with.
  2. sonix

    sonix pfm Member

    I can highly recommend buying from Gary(garysummerhill) as I bought a naim power amp from him last week. The amp was in mint condition and arrived safetly and swiftly and Gary was a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesistate buying from him.
  3. Uzinusa

    Uzinusa Happy Chappy

    Rick_E: Royd Merlins plus stand

    Perfect transaction....completely at ease, knows loads of stuff and i'd sent me away with a list of other cool kit to look out for! Cheers Rick.

  4. fixedwheel

    fixedwheel Twiddlin'

    Just done a swap with penguin_sam for some QuadraSpire uprights.

    A pleasure of a transaction, and great communications. Cheers for that.

  5. Percy Lee

    Percy Lee pfm Member

    Thanks Jackiechansthem,received a Linn LP12 Lid from him,Prefect transcation.


    Percy Lee
  6. reefhead

    reefhead a counterblast to Agnosticism

    Another great cartridge transaction with Gaius.
    Great guy to deal with!
  7. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron You're home early...

    Thank you to Fox. I received his beautifully restored Acoustic Energy AE2s today. His attention to detail carried through to the meticulous packing.
  8. chrisn

    chrisn pfm Member

    pink_floyd - good seller well done

  9. DIB

    DIB pfm Member

    I've just bought a lovely pair of Focal Chorus 806V speakers and matching stands from mole0937 (Martin). Absolutely top notch speakers, in pristine condition just as described by Martin. As we live at opposite ends of the country, rather than go via the courier route, Martin very kindly arranged to have the speakers/stands sent up north with a family member who was going home and only lived 30 miles away from me. I picked them up last night and they are sweet!

    Many thanks Martin, a very pleasant buying experience.

  10. jackiechansthem

    jackiechansthem pfm Member

    Thanks Percy Lee. Glad it arrived ok. Hope you were pleased with your Hydra's too.

    Big thumbs up for PL - a genuine buyer and great chap to deal with.

    Happy listening.

  11. Dinovector

    Dinovector pfm Member

    Just bought a Naim AV2 and NAP175 from ratcatcher. A perfect gentleman to buy from and all round great guy, couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you Mr ratcatcher, we're very pleased with them
  12. ratcatcher

    ratcatcher pfm Member

    My pleasure! glad theyve gone to good home and hope they give you years of enjoyment as they did for me! Whats first? saving private ryan or master and commander? (or in keeping with PF a star trek movie?)
  13. Dinovector

    Dinovector pfm Member

    Not a great Private Ryan fan, brings back too many bad memories, Master and Commander however might well be on the cards for this evening now you mention it, once I get the missus away from the news, it's her soap!! Saying that, it's amazing how much better even the news sounds.

    Cheers :)
  14. whisky180

    whisky180 pfm Member

    just bought a powerline via mus, well pleased thanks
  15. jackiechansthem

    jackiechansthem pfm Member

    Thanks to Folkman for the CD's. A nice easy deal and a great guy to deal with.
  16. Folkman

    Folkman pfm Member

    And thanks to jackiechansthem also . Straight forward deal. Hope you like the CDs.
  17. divedeepdog

    divedeepdog pfm Member

    I've had Flashback cables from jackiechansthem speedy delivery, and well packed. When I get my 102 back I'll move on the other 2 :)
  18. will1124

    will1124 pfm Member

    ports1000 (Andrew), a great guy to deal with, excellent communication and fantastic CD players!! Thank you again, Andrew!
  19. limono

    limono pfm Member

    Got a nice and expensive cables from Cato in perfect order , first class gent to make a deal with . Thank YOu!
  20. Soren Lorenson

    Soren Lorenson New Member

    Bought a MusicWorks mains lead from Lefty. Very nice chap, kept in touch and sent the item quickly. Much appreciated.
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