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The Allnic REFERENCE H5000 DHT Phonostage

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by LOTUS HIFI, Sep 2, 2013.



    I am very proud to present in the UK for the first time, K.S. Park's new Reference Phono stage. The H5000 is a 2 chassis, direct heated Triode, transformer coupled LCR unit, the very frontiers of Kang Su's ability and Allnic's contender for the crown as the best phono the world has ever seen. At £22,995 and as you would expect, it moves the game on from the world class H3000 in no uncertain terms.

    I won't even begin to try and get into what this magnificant piece does but suffice to say that I have simply never heard vinyl like this, in any system, anywhere or at any price. If you are serious about vinyl playback and invested to this sort of level then the H5000 demands your investigation and is awaiting to completely seduce and overwhelm your soul.

    This unit is soon to be despatched to Roy Gregory for a very in depth review. After that it will visit other publications and then return to Lotus for customer demonstrations. I have two blind orders from existing H3000 owners already and production is at a fairly moderate pace so if this is something that interests you, please drop me a line early on to book yourself in for demo.

    Regards, Richard




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