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System pics 2014

Discussion in 'reference' started by Bemused, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. ArtK

    ArtK British HiFi Nut!

    Always nice to see the wonderful setups. Even better when you tell us what we are looking at.
  2. Blzebub

    Blzebub Banned

  3. merlin

    merlin pfm Member

  4. Blzebub

    Blzebub Banned

    It's pixie dust. And actually, there's not very much of it visible in those pixie pics of my awesome system.
  5. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Very nice, Bub, but shouldn't you be turning your attention to a new camera to do your system justice?:D
  6. Blzebub

    Blzebub Banned

    Very gracious of you to point it out.
  7. varyat

    varyat pfm Member

    May I ask how you are getting along with the Whest phono? I am interested in this one or the Titan. What did it replace in your set? How would you rate it? Thanks and sorry for being off-topic.
  8. fasterbyelan

    fasterbyelan time, your greatest asset


    My system is a combined audio/surround sound one, equipment as follows -

    Digital Source - Oppo 105
    Vinyl - Lenco L75 (with serious modification)/Audiomods S4 Tonearm, Denon D103r cartridge with alloy body
    Phono Amp - HPS 5.1 (self build from a design on DIYAudio - see here)
    R2R - Teac X2000R
    Amplification - SuperNait/HiCap and NAP 175
    Speakers - Front L/R ProAc 140's, Centre ProAc Studio CC, Surround Sound L/R ProAc Tablette Anniversary, MJ Acoustics Pro50 Sub Woofer x 2 -


    I have recently installed a separate ring mains for the equipment - the best £50 I have ever spent. And I run the Oppo audio output direct to the AV i/p of the SuperNait bypassing the preamp. Whilst this has reduced the max volume a little, doing so has improved the SQ significantly. I normally listen to music with a big smile on my face!
  9. fasterbyelan

    fasterbyelan time, your greatest asset

    If that sounds as good as it looks.........................
  10. Lefty

    Lefty pfm Member

    Very nice!

    Glad to see my old SCM20SLs still in residence. Great speakers (when driven appropriately)

  11. Blzebub

    Blzebub Banned

    Hi Mark,

    I think it's very good. Replaced a Whest PS.20.
  12. John

    John pfm Member

    Any pics that show your listening spot and speakers in the same shot?
  13. greengoblin

    greengoblin pfm Member

    Been away from PFM for a while. Hope this works


  14. cooky1257

    cooky1257 pfm Member

    Love the bold colours, btw never seen a bay radiator like that.
  15. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member

    Greengoblin, minimal as, I like it.
  16. Progmeister

    Progmeister The Supernatural Anaesthetist

    Cadburys audio
  17. koi

    koi pfm Member

    Do i see a "Audiovalve Eclipse pre there" ;)

    Nice system!
  18. greengoblin

    greengoblin pfm Member

    Ha it has just dawn on me about the Cadbury's colour! I knew there was a reason why I picked it...

    Yes it is an audiovalve eclipse Steve. And you'd recognise that mcintosh no doubt :) stil very happy with the audiovalve, easily displaced my esoteric c03 in an all valve set up. Bettered my previous croft 25rs and ear 864. Awesome built, remote, different input gains....you're representing a good brand
  19. koi

    koi pfm Member

  20. jimification

    jimification pfm Member

    Never mind the system, that radiator goes round the corner!
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