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System pics 2012 #2

Discussion in 'reference' started by Tw99, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Clay B

    Clay B pfm Member


    Nicely considered combination. Bet you it sounds great. What are your speakers?
  2. ArtK

    ArtK British HiFi Nut!

    Thank you, Clay. The speakers are Dynaudio X12's on Atacama stands.
  3. pil

    pil pfm Member

    No they are coral tweeters and mid.
  4. ArtK

    ArtK British HiFi Nut!

    Please forgive the horrible pics as I've never gotten this Panasonic camera sorted. Have't snapped a decent pic since I traded in my Canon on this camera.

    My system is:

    Rega Brio-R
    Well Tempered Simplex/DPS/Ortofon 2M Blue
    Naim CD5x
    Dynaudio Excite X12
    Cables by Chord & Rega


  5. Y.C.

    Y.C. Member

    Nice system, ArtK!

    You had owned a pair of Harbeth P3esr prior to switching over to Dynaudio Excite X12. What caused the move? Is it due to apparent lack of drive and dynamics in the Harbeth?
  6. Alco

    Alco pfm Member

    Looking good (as always) ArtK! :cool: The looks of the WT TT are slowly starting to grow on me.
    At first I didn't like the looks of it (beause of the weird arm), but I'm starting to appreciate the simplicity of its design. (just as I do with Rega gear)

    Btw, did you know that with the supplied remote that comes with a Naim CD-player, you can also control the Brio-R. :) (at least adjusting volume)
  7. ArtK

    ArtK British HiFi Nut!

    Pretty much. I needed a speaker that wouldn't be a let down relative the things that the Harbeth speakers do well, timbre, voices and the like while also adding greater dynamics and flexibility for room size and genre. The X12's meet those needs quite nicely.

    I did know that. The Rega remote allows for more subtle movement of the volume.
  8. SoundFreak

    SoundFreak Well-Known Member

    Hi Cyanosis,

    Pl can you share name of electronics?

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

  10. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo


    Amp: TDAi 2200
    CD player: CD1
    Speakers: Wilson Benesch Discovery
  11. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    My latest little pile...



    Come the Spring (perhaps before with any luck) it'll be time to go turntable shopping.
  12. andy_cotterill

    andy_cotterill pfm Member

    Nice looking set up art ,

    I'm a big fan of the simple system using an integrated amp and a high quality source , I've never heard a wt labs tt but I've heard good things about them ,
    Hopefully I will get you hear one in the new year ,
    Looks like you have plenty of music to be playing as well !


    Cheers andy
  13. ArtK

    ArtK British HiFi Nut!

    Thank you. Pictured is less than 25% of my music collection. Cheers!
  14. scottyhammer

    scottyhammer pfm Member

    Shit - photobucket used to work ok ?


    AH HA ! Reverted back to old site and hey presto it works................progress eh !!

    Anyways took delivery of these bad boys last Thursday from Peter at Igloo Audio
  15. scottyhammer

    scottyhammer pfm Member

    A nice pair of Pro Ac D18's

  16. scottyhammer

    scottyhammer pfm Member

    In lovely natural oak finish to match the rest of my furniture


    Also ordered one of these little babys to go with the Weiss 202 - STELLO USB CONVERTER











  17. scottyhammer

    scottyhammer pfm Member

    I would like to thank Peter Ruler at Igloo Audio for a brilliant service
    To Steve for delivering and setting up (beyond the call of duty) CHEERS MATE.
    And to Pro Ac for a superbly built cabinet and stonking speaker....Excellent.
  18. arthur

    arthur Banned

    That's a nice and relaxing looking room the scotty.
  19. Markus S

    Markus S 41 - 29

    Great pictures, too, I particularly like the one on the right.
  20. scottyhammer

    scottyhammer pfm Member

    Yeah i have a similar one normally on the left - same size too but its away being repaired due to mishap .......have hung a smaller one on the left for now ......should be back on Monday - will post a pic.

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