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Discussion in 'music' started by kasperhauser, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    A random web walk has led me to believe that an album called "Waterpistol" by a Liverpool band called "Shack" might be right up my alley. However, Amazon says fuggedaboutit - used ones start around $75.

    What's the album like? And why did they make it out of unobtainium?
  2. ugmm02

    ugmm02 pfm Member

    Ah yes, the Head bros, Michael Head was the main player in the mid eighties band The Pale Fountains, a cult favorite. He then formed Shack with his brother another cult favorite. Bad luck, bad timing and bad drugs were a hindrance but they made some wonderful music. Waterpistol was their second album made in 1991 , but typically the studio it was recorded in burnt down and destroyed the master tape.
    However producer Chris Allison had made a DAT copy of the album, but unaware of the fire he accidentally left the tape in a rental car while in the U.S.. When he returned to the U.K. and found out what happened he managed to contact the rental car company and rescue the DAT, but still Waterpistol remained in limbo until 1995, when it finally appeared on the German label Marina. By then Shack had disbanded, however, with the Head brothers forming a new band, the Strands, and releasing the chamber-pop masterpiece The Magical World of the Strands in 1997.
    Both bands ( and the Pale Fountains) are worthy of further investigation.
  3. glenda

    glenda pfm Member

    Why not try "HMS Fable" - probably their best known album . I'd also recommend "Here's Tom withthe Weather" - a line from a Bill Hicks routine - so it must be great.


  4. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    Gerry, the story of the Waterpistol master tapes is just madness. I wonder if the glowing praise of this album is somehow related to its rarity(?).

    Thanks for the info - I will start with HMS Fable and The Magical World of the Strands and see how I get on (as if I had a choice anyway). :)
  5. space cadet

    space cadet dronefed and floating

    Is this really rare? A quick search says that Amazon.co.uk has it in stock for £10.49, 50p dearer than HMV.co.uk
    There goes another quick buck, fancy getting my hopes up like that.
  6. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    Weird - US-Amazon says one copy (used) is available, and the seller wants $75 for it.

    Must pursue further when brain doesn't hurt. Thanks for the info.

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