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REVIEW: Epiphany Acoustics Atratus RCA interconnects

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by Epiphany Oliver, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    The first full length review of the Atratus RCA interconnect cables has been published!

    My thanks to YNWaN (of AudioFlat origins) for taking the time to write this up.

    He notes that, among other things, the cables excel in the bass department and improved the dynamics of his system quite significantly. You can read the full review on the link below:

    More reviews are in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.

    Oliver Freeborn
  2. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    The second review is up. This one is by Jerry of Hi-Fi Pig. He liked it so much that he has bought one for himself - not bad! He also reckons that they are "the bargain of the decade". Link:

    Jerry's Hi-Fi Pig Review
  3. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Don't forget - these interconnects come with a 14 day money back guarantee. Based on the feedback I have received from reviewers and customers, I reckon that these cables are sincerely worth a try even if your current cables are >£200...
  4. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Another review has been published. The chap is very pleased with it! :)

    The reviewer noted that the Atratus interconnects significantly improved bass and sub-bass performance as well as increasing the overall detail and clarity of his system. He finishes by saying "...give these a try as you may just be blown away." - a fairly conclusive summary! You can read the full review here.
  5. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Another positive review for you all to mull over!:
  6. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Paul, a moderator over at another of the British hi-fi forums, has just posted his impressions of the Atratus interconnects.

    I am pleased to say that the Atratus interconnects have replaced his original top of the line Cambridge Audio interconnects for good. He found that the Atratus interconnects presented a less grainy sound with more articulate bass than before.

    Have a read of the well written review here:
    Atratus Review
  7. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    A happy customer just sent me a rather nice email:

    "Well, the ATRATUS cables arrived on Wednesday as promised. Popped them into my vinyl replay chain and sat back - and was astounded! Do I like them? You bet I like them.

    So much so that I've just ordered another pair to go into the CD replay chain. Wanted to get them before word gets around and the price goes up!

    Thanks for a fantastic product at a sensible price... remarkable."
    - Tim
  8. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Nothing to lose if you want to try these cables out, with the 14 day no quibble return policy. A reviewer kindly took some snaps - they look gorgeous! :cool:

  9. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Haven't updated this for a while! Let's have a new one. This particular customer wanted a change from his MG G1500HD interconnects which he was finding too lean for his tastes.

    System synergy is an important thing, which is why these interconnects come with a 14 day no questions asked refund policy.

    "Hi Oliver

    Got the cable, very nice construction, and it looks good too.

    The sound took me by surprise - this is no bass monster, or fizz bomb or anything like some of the comments I have read.

    In fact, it is the most controlled cable I have run across, from the first second I connected it.

    But I like it ! The sound is very clean, but not lean, and I would say very suited to classical (other stuff is fine too).

    It's a keeper for me, so cheers and best of luck with your company.

    Name removed"

    It didn't end there, though. Got this the next day from the same chap:

    "Oliver - following on from yesterday (I must learn to save sent mail..), day two, well, I don't know what to say exactly, other than I can't believe the improvement a days burn in has had, and I don't even believe in it. I have certainly never learnt to adjust to new components - if I don't like something, it stays not liked, no matter how many times I listen. The control is still there, but from somewhere lush mids and deeper bass have appeared. It could be from somewhere else, the dac and linear power supply (they quote 100 hours burn in !) could be it.

    I'm hearing the type of sound I always imagined and hoped for at long last. I have spent the last year swapping out my 15 year old components to get here, but your cable has been a surprisingly significant final step.

    You really have cracked it - and you can quote me on that.

    ...don't lose that bass.

    Name removed"
  10. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    Time for another comment from a happy customer:

    "Thank you for the excellent service, the cables arrived safely this morning. I didn't think cables could make so much difference but the music coming out of my rather ancient "budget" CD player now sounds so much better."
  11. Epiphany Oliver

    Epiphany Oliver Trade: Epiphany Acoustics

    The Atratus RCA interconnects have received a very positive review the December issue of Hi-Fi World (out now). Reviewer Paul Rigby mentions the expanded sound stage, steady bass response and airy mids, finishing by describing the interconnects as 'a steal'.

    Remember, these come with a 14 day trial period so that you can see how well the Atratus interconnects fit in with your system.

    More information can be found on the Atratus RCA interconnects here.

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