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Recapping of Nytech CPA 602

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by NRWler04, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member


    a first look to the dashboard of my PRE 24.4 ......


    Regards from Germany
  2. chiily

    chiily PFM Special Builder

    Very smart indeed...
  3. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Thanks :rolleyes:
  4. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

    I've missed your fault finding, but now I see success is near and connectio to loudspeakers is close.
  5. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Yes Mike,

    over mobile phone I already heard one channel. So not quite sure about the quality but there was some noice in the background. And my friend told me, that's came out of one of the NERO Power Amps .....

    The fault was, that the collectors from both Power Connectors were short cutted on the PCB. This was the reason for the barbeque on the PCB.

    Now it's working and it's not getting to warm. Seem's to be ok so far.

    Tomorrow we want to finalize the other one .....


  6. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    This is how the 20kHz Signal looks like ......


    And this ...

  7. bivalve

    bivalve pfm Member

    It certainly looks good. I read that its flat to 200kHz.
  8. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Today I will assemble the next One. Then I will test them in my current active setup.
  9. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    First success .....

    New electronic XOver works .......



    The sound is nice :cool: Very clear .....
  10. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Sounds wonderfull ..... Still listening to the Music:)
  11. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Gentlemen, here's a short update:

    HiCap- Clone "NERO SP 1" and electronic Crossover "NERO EXO 1" are finished. Not only the sound is quite good ...

    It look's also realy nice:rolleyes:



    I'll try to get better pics done with my D200.

    Regards from Germany

  12. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Over Christmas there was again some progress. Three set's of Power Amp PCB's are nearly finished. Tomorrow I will start to assemble the Amps into the housings.


    So far the HiCap-Clone, the electronic XOver and the Pre Amplifier are working. The Sound is, at least for my ears, excellent .....
  13. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member


    Yesterday the first NERO Power Amplifier went into daily use.

    Here's a picture from the scope. Above curve is the source signal and the bottom one the amplified signal.


    The new NERO is in use for powering the low frequencies ....

    Still one CPA 602 in use for high frequencies.


    So far, it sounds great .....

    Until end of the week next NERO SA 1 will be assembeld to went into daily use.
  14. lohk

    lohk musician

    Is it noise on the scope or is the amp a bit oscillating?
  15. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Will test it tomorrow. You can't hear it .... Seems to be something with the connectors....

    Seems that the first amp need some time for "burning in" ...

    Sounds better from hour to hour ....
  16. lohk

    lohk musician

    This quite long burning in process, which I have witnessed many times, is still astonishing me. There is IMO no real good explanation for it. For the Nytech style capacitor coupled circuits I may be the forming of the capacitors. But usually most technical specs settle within the first hour (for adjustments under load).
  17. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Hello Klaus,

    This "Burning In" process takes now two days and my impression is, that it is still in process ...

    The NERO SA 1 which is currently in use is capped with NICHICON FG, MUSE & FW. Power Supply Caps are from PANASONIC.

    Sounds great ..... and getting better and better.
  18. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    To be honest, not sure so far ....

  19. lohk

    lohk musician

    The noise seen on the scope may be just noise induced by the cables and/or the setup, it may show nothing significant. There is often a bit of noise seen on the screen.
    Did you try to extend the magnification to exam this "noise"? Oscillation will show up as one mayor sine frequency often (sometimes more).
    How does the amp clip?
  20. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Now I have two NERO's running. One is capped with Nichicon the other with ELNA Silmic 2. the one I use to drive the High Frequencies is getting really hot. ....

    The other one for the low/Mid Frequencies will stay cool.

    How can I change this ?

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