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Recapping of Nytech CPA 602

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by NRWler04, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Next step will be new mono-amps based on Nytech Ideas ...

    Also new housings are actually in the design phase .....

    I'll post drawings if somebody is interested ....
  2. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

  3. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

  4. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

    I was looking at the layout. Power supply at the front away from incoming signal, heatsink in the middle acting as a shield, heat sink sits above and below holes for good heat dispersal.

    i know how you feel about the cost. I need four power amplifier channels too!
  5. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    If we can improve the principle of the 602's, transfer it to Mono-Amps it would be good ...

    The ideas are:
    - Improve the Power Supply with a lot capacity, at least 18.000µF with Nichicon KG's 4700µF 100V
    - Use a BurrBrown OP for the first circuit in the amplifier ....
    - Stabilze the Powersupply on the amp circuit with Zener-Diodes ....
    - Implement a big Cap at the end .... maybe 10.000µF

    Further suggestions are warmly welcome ...

    Or setup a MosFet Mono-Block, as we think the Heed-PM's are ... We found some very interesting circuits.

    I designed a black housing based on aluminium standard profiles and some special made parts with a black Plexiglas Front with a green LED ... Dimension will be 220 mm wide, 75mm high and 360 mm depth .... I will post the front view ....


    Total material cost including electronic parts, maybe ~350 - 400 € per block. That's a rough estimation ....
  6. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Update .....
    - Schematics for the dual rail PSU is ready ....
    * Nichicon KG 4700uF 100V
    * Wima 0.01 uF 100v 1%
    * good old 1N4501 or 1N4504
    Schematics and board are prepared for a trafo with two 58V windings ....
    - Parts for prototype housings are ordered ....

    I'll keep you updated....

    One interesting thing is also to setup a new electronic XO based on Linkwytz Riley .....found some interesting schematics.

    Regards from Germany
  7. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    New housings for CPA602 are ready ..... at least the prototype :p



    Of course, housing will be painted black later ......
  8. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    And here is the 2012 block Layout for the new 602's ......

    Completely designed in Mono-Design .....


    Next step is to prepare new PCB's for the Amps ..... Only finest components will be used .....

    Nex step of Nerovolution will be to design the Mono-Blocks based on Mr. Hay's ideas .......

    New PSU Board will also fit in original CPA 602's. The new 120 VA Toroids will also fit into the original housing....
  9. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Here is the PSU-PCB .....

    Any tips are warmly welcome .....

  10. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member


    here are the schematics for the CPA 602:


    As I want make new PCB's I want to optimize the circuit ...

    Please give me your ideas to discuss how we can optimize it.

    One thing I already changed are the cap's at the end. There is the option to use one Axial-Cap or 5 Radial Caps. This I did, because I have a new housing where I can implement higher Caps. The idea is to use 5 Nichicon FW 2200µF 63V in parallel.

    Here is a overview about the caps I want to use:

    Part Original Value Value Brand Value Notice
    C1 0,001 µF 0.001 WIMA FKP2 1% 1000 pf 63V
    C2 22 µF 50V 22µF 50V PANASONIC FC 22 µF 50V
    C3 10 µF 50V 10µF 50V ELNA Simlmic II 10 µF 50V
    C4 10 µF 50V 10µF 50V ELNA Simlmic II 10 µF 50V
    C5 100 µF 35V 470µF 50V ELNA Simlmic II 470 µF 50V
    C6 100 µF 10 V 100µF 10V PANASONIC FC 100 µF 10V
    C7 0,01 µF 0,01 µF 63V WIMA FKP2 1% 0,01µF 63V
    C8 100p 68p Styroflex 68p
    C9 68p 68p Styroflex 68p
    C10 0,1 µF 0.1 Vishay Roederstein MKP 0,1 µF 100V - 1%
    C11 0,1 µF 0.1 Vishay Roederstein MKP 0,1 µF 100V - 1%
    C12 2200 µF 63V 4700µF 63V Roederstein Audio Gold 4700 µF 63V Or C14 - C18
    C13 22 µF 100 V 22µF 100V PANASONIC FC 22 µfF 100V
    C14 2200µF 63V NICHICON FW 2200 µF 63V Alternativ to C12
    C15 2200µF 63V NICHICON FW 2200 µF 63V Alternativ to C12
    C16 2200µF 63V NICHICON FW 2200 µF 63V Alternativ to C12
    C17 2200µF 63V NICHICON FW 2200 µF 63V Alternativ to C12
    C18 2200µF 63V NICHICON FW 2200 µF 63V Alternativ to C12

    All resistors will be Vishay Dale Metal Film 0,25W.

    What are your thoughts ....

    All tips are warmly welcome ....

    Regards from Germany
  11. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Grmpf .....:eek:

    Where are the Gurus .....:rolleyes:

    No Tips?
  12. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    I prepared an updated PSU for the 602 with an unregulated and regulated +80V Supply as it is needed for the CPA602s .....


    Can somebody give me a tip how the Toroid looked like in the 602's? The queston is, how we garantee a stable regulated +81V Supply ....
  13. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    The above schematics are wrong ....

    I made the mistake to interprate the unregulated 80V as 0V. The schematics are for the CPA602's.

    Please see the updated one ....


    The above PSU schematics are according to the +80V regulated and unregulated requirements.
  14. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

    I am rather disappointed that you haven't got more interest in your thoughts. As far as I am concerned, my interest remains.
  15. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Yes, I expected more interest and thought there are a lot opportunities to improve the amps ...

    Nytecholdie made a proposal for Piggyback-Trafos for the regulated 81V supply .... This I will follow for the new designed amps.
  16. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Update ....

    Here's the Layout for the PSU-PCB


    PCB fits also into existing housing. Fixtures have to be replaced .....

    and one PA-PCB ....... first try :cool:


    Left half looks really structured and sorted, right half has still room for improvement.

    PCB already contains the regulated 81V rail (Right Bottom Corner). And there is the option to use five radial caps instead of one axial cap. In my new housing I will use 5 220063µF's.
  17. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Update for the Box:

    To get an idea how it looks like with the black aluminium heatsink profiles outside ....



    Sorry for the poor quality... I'll post better ones .....
  18. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

    Are the top and bottom fixed to the heat sink sides. I like the simple few parts idea. The original looks Ok (202), but the construction of the whole is weak.

    Fasteners, matt black countersunk stainless. No one knows the fasteners are top quality, but owners will.

    Are you using two different boards for the poweramps?
  19. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    The Body of the box is a U out of 2mm Aluminium sheet. The top, the front and also the back as the heatsinks on both sides are connected with screws ....

  20. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    This are only the prototypes. The final release will be black - NERO Black.:D Just looking where I can anodise the top sheet in black matt finish.

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