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Power rating for diy-cap transformer

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by natzev_i, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. natzev_i

    natzev_i pfm Member

    It seems I have to order custom build transformer with dual center-tapped secondaries for my diy-cap project. What current and power capabilities should I ask for?
    IIRC Hi-Cap uses 350VA toroidal but it’ll be too big for non-toridal designs.
    What would you recommend?
  2. Wilky

    Wilky pfm Member

    Ivo...IFAIK the Hi-Caps use 500VA toroidals.

    Look on the Acoustica Site (Martin Clark's) for some guidance on Naim PSU's + some of Teddy Pardo's thread on PFM.

    Here is a link to Martin's site.


    Regards Dave.
  3. natzev_i

    natzev_i pfm Member

    Thanks Dave,
    Of course you’re right – it’s 500VA- my mistake, sorry.
    It seems though the power ratings for the toroids are way too high than those for the C-/R-cores for the same purpose. Carl mentions he uses 30VA EI-core from Les with good results – it’s 17 times weaker than the toroid in the original HiCap!!!
    Now I am really confused what to order :confused:
  4. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    If you are looking to clone a hi-cap, then using a large transformer remains worthwhile (it is not a lot more expensive than even a small transformer).

    But if you are going to be experimenting with gyrators and superregs, then such a large device may no longer be necessary to get equal or better results - although it will still work, obviously!
  5. natzev_i

    natzev_i pfm Member

    I am about to assemble the two PSU kits I bought from White Noise couple of months ago (just before David closed his business). The latest WhiteNoise Regs use the same Walt Jung design as the ALWSuperRegs do.
    It seems the toroids are more popular and easy to locate/order.
    So, in my case if I go the “toriod” way do you thing I still need 500VA and up for the SRegs or 200-300VA will do the job with same results?
  6. LesW

    LesW Making electronics make music

    Ivo, if you're having these kind of supply problems, I'll take the risk by sending you a couple of transformers. If they arrive then you can pay for them - if not, not much lost I suppose. Be with you next week (5-7 days according to Parcel Farce)
  7. natzev_i

    natzev_i pfm Member

    That’s great news Les!
    If everything goes OK I’ll order the other bits I’ll need (caps, din-plugs, cables – you know) but when I get back since I’m leaving at the end of next week for a month.
    Do you still have my credit card number? – if not I’ll call you next week.
    Thanks a lot!

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