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Photo theme 227: "Steel" to 31 August 2017

Discussion in 'photo' started by sls4321, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    Interpret as you wish.

    Ends Midnight 31/08/2017.

    The normal protocols are:

    1) ONE photograph to have been taken between this post and the end date (GMT/UTC midnight)
    2) Max dimensions 800 x 800px, to be displayed in line please, rather than linked.

    Themes so far have been:

    My favourite Beauty Spot; Simple; Weather; Decay; Old & New; Rhythm; Motion; Portrait; Inside; Work, Rest or Play; Spring; Three; Light; Up; Charm; Feminine; Bokeh; Naked; Upside Down; Natural World; Square; Long Exposure; Sliding; Dream; Street; Autumnal; Night; Fish out of Water; Candid; Winterval; Hope; Portrait; Simplicity; Lines; Coast; Power; Bleak; Close up; Rock; Mechanical; Reflection; Two of; Abstract; Green; Humour; Curves; Fruit; Mother nature; Smooth; Neon; "on forever's very now we stand"; At the water's edge; "Out with the old, in with the new"; Warm; Stranger; Modern Life Is Rubbish; Still Life; Sparkling; Distant; Intertwine; Flow; Paths; Freedom; Numbers; Urban; Faces Everywhere; Beautiful Evidence; Angles; Static; Shadows; Darlin' Companion; Chill; Single Colour; Atmosphere; Isolation; Implementation; Texture; Hidden; Silhouettes; Leisure; Sphere of Influence; Yes; Set; White noise; Another Fine Mess; Industrial; Interstitial; From Above; Age; Tension; Top to Bottom; Evening; Comfort; Wind; Yellow; On your doorstep; Complex; Vanishing Point; Indulgence; After Dark; Gesture; Parking; Incongruous; Spring Has Sprung; Infrastructure; Commerce; On Two Wheels; Lush; Feet; Athletic; Water; Go; Lunch; Escapism; Pause; Uncovered; Beer; Window; Contrast; Time; Voluptuous; Numerous; Patience; Wood; Objets Trouvés; Signs; Highly Strung; Park life; Transport; Symmetry; Enterprise; Interaction; Walls; Folded; Distorted; The Look of Love; The last days of Summer; Looking Out; Rustic; Polly Wants A Cracker; Oops; Wet Wet Wet; Building; Relaxing; Line; Food; Moving Still; Triangle; Noise; Empty; Tranquillity; Discontinuous; Translucent; The eyes have it, Disproportionate, Doors, Revolution; Recreation; Impresion(ist); At the Market; Eye; Your neighbourhood; Straight out of camera! Round; Portal; Transport; Shopping Madness; High or Low; Hands; Back to Basics; The Golden Hour; Character; Bath; Vertical; Anticipation; Bloom; Bliss; Small; Grand Day Out; Red; Highlight; Modern World; Speed; Family; Holidays; Remote; Orange; Grain; Hardware; Construction; Reflect; Grey; Desolate; Morning; For the Record; Out & About; Massive; Thirds; Food of Love; The Great Outdoors; Sharp; Rubbish; The Facility; Independence; Shapes Everywhere; Constant Variable; Labour; Before & After; Glass; Great Balls of Fire; Anything Goes; Song Titles; Up Close; Black & White; Look Up or Look Down; Sporting Action; Kaleidoscope of Colours; Less Is More; Sunlight; Horsepower; Feet in the Picture; Sand, Sea or Sky, Frame It

    Inspired by this one from Berlin this past weekend

  2. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger


    [size=-2] at Great Dorset Steam Fair, today.[/size]
  3. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

  4. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    I popped in to see what was going on, disappointed only to see two replies, but turns out they are both superb, especially Martin's Socialist Realism effort. The only difference being that Socialist Realism featured strapping youths, not west country folk overdosed on beer and pasties.
  5. ian123running

    ian123running pfm Member

    Make that 3!

    Steel, buried. An abandoned Mercedes 300 SD in the ghost town of Richmond Hills. Once one of the most desirable and wealthy neighbourhoods on the island with large villas, hotels and swimming pools. It's been covered in layers of ash from Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat. The area was abandoned in the 1990's, but much was left behind. Nature is taking over.

    [​IMG]Mercedes Colour by Ian123running, on Flickr
  6. Soloist

    Soloist pfm Member

  7. ian123running

    ian123running pfm Member

    Soloist, I can't see a picture - just a blue box question mark.
  8. Soloist

    Soloist pfm Member

    Yes - I'm away with only my phone to work with so I can't do a bit code. I'm going to just stick to URL and tidy it up when I'm back tomorrow. Thought I ought to submit as I'd commented about keeping the time to submit down!

    We always used to manage with 2 weeks. It gives a certain impetus. If the majority want a longer lead, go with it but the number of entries is not generally proportionate to the number of weeks the title is up for.
  9. antinchip

    antinchip pfm Member

  10. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Seeing as its not been decided yet I will sneak this one in, you ain't seen nuffing, right!

    [​IMG]Rusty ring by Pete Maddex, on Flickr

  11. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    Sorry, been busy.

    It's got to be Martin's tractor. Great subject, great light, the grim determination on the driver's face, or has he spotted a pub or pastie in the far distance?
  12. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

  13. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Comrade I thank you.

    In the spirit of the Revoluti^^^ your comments, here's a Konstruktivist take:


    [size=-2]shameless Bourgeois image manipulation via 'Prisma' on iOs[/size]

    New theme to follow when I've thought of one.

    PS. re: the example posted in your setting of the theme: I took several images varying only slightly from that. A wonderful, profound, thoughtful, kinetic and entirely-unsettling work of art.
  14. antinchip

    antinchip pfm Member

    Worthy winner. Look forward to the next one.

  15. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    I missed the rather excellent homage to Socialist Realism. Excellent. You must be an excellent artist or have some good software.

    The work by Kadishman rather took me aback. I'm used to seeing one go his goats in front of me in my living room. The whole setting, not shown in the image and probably beyond photography, is pretty jaw-dropping.

    I went to Berlin with a Leica M10, Leica 35/f2 and a change of underwear (and my wife and kids). I was trying to get some grain at f/16 and ISO 12500, but it wouldn't play ball. Bloody useless camera.

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