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Phono stages.

Discussion in 'audio' started by mikegreenwood, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. varyat

    varyat pfm Member

    Hi Hook :) Still use a Urika on another deck with a Kandid- the synergy there is amazing ( as it should be ). The Titan Pro has greater resolution and is more dynamic imo. The Xv1-s throws out a bigger stage than the Kandid and has a more "mature" presentation. I really like the Titan Pro. I have had the Whest RDT SE and it is a very good pre, the Titan Pro is a significant step up- at a cost though. Another fan favorite that I auditioned was the Vida- nice but a bit too "vanilla" for me. really didn't have the bite that I was looking for.
    I am still curious to try some tubes in the phono section and the Tron is definitely on the list. Just near impossible to demo here in the States. I ran the Superline/Supercap for a while but found the Urika superior. Lost a little "slam" but gained in overall musicality. Switching out the Linn Silvers IC brought all of that back and then some :). Not sure if you run an LP12? Urika with Chord Super Sarum or Music IC will put a smile on...
  2. palacefan

    palacefan pfm Member

    Have progressed through the Whest range of phono stages and stopped at the reference mk4 mono's. Used in conjunction with TW Raven AC T,T ...along with advancing years the end of upgraditus!
  3. Hook

    Hook pfm Member

    Thanks Mark. Am running a Well Tempered GTA with their newer tonearm, EMT JSD6, and Superline powered by a 552’s Aux 2. Recently replaced my A23 with a shielded interconnect from YT. Still sounds good to these aging ears.

    My only complaint about the Superline is RFI. I prefer its sound with no cap plug, and for days at a time, I can get away with it. Then, at random times, either there will be a rise in hum, or random sounds like paper being ripped. A 470pf cap plug seems to solve this, but it is not ideal.

    Have had an LP12 itch for years, but yet to scratch. Same could be said for AMG, Brinkmann, and a few others I suppose. Ditto for Whest. Someday perhaps...

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