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Nytech Audio / Ion Systems Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'classic' started by deltaunit, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. oldgit

    oldgit pfm Member

    There was a pair of 050s for sale on ebay about a month ago.Think they were not sold due to xover bricks not being available.
    You may have to put in all sorts of combinations of arc/050/active speaker etc to locate them.
    Came across them quite by chance.Have had several pairs of active 050s and have always found them to compare well against their bigger brothers and sister speakers.

    Just out of interest,having worked my through all the active /passive combinations of the Nytech ARC gear over last 30 years,finally got round to trying the
    60W CPA 602.
    CPA 602 sold PDQ and now back to active system ,active much better except for maybe slightly less bass.
  2. synapse

    synapse pfm Member

    cheers oldgit.......keep seeming to miss them, but one day
  3. Hideck

    Hideck Member

    Can you send me address or phone number please?
  4. gőő

    gőő New Member

    press first preset and then turn tuner bottom up. There you will find small holes, that serves each by each for the presets, by spinning a small screwdriver in it. Follow the logic to use the first hole under the preset 1 button. Continue the method for each three. Be aware that the presets will define the range that you will be able to scan with the manual station search. I hope it helps.

    On the other hand may anyone have scematics of Ion active cards for Roksan Darius loudspeakers? I am chasing them either in original or the scematics as I have monoblocks and a Darius, but no active cards for them :(

    Back in history I also started with a 3X Xpak1, then bi-amped them as my Roksan Ojans deserved them. Some day I changed the Ojans to Ojan 3x and S three way sytem, which made me buy monoblocks one after the other (yes from Paul as well :rolleyes:) and now I have two complete monoblock setup with preamps, a third system using one of the bi-amp 3X xpak1s, and have the Ojan 3X-S combo, the Darius and recently a Naim SBL with the active cards, but eagerly waitng to have a card for the Roksan speakers. I know, that JC active crossover is identical that the Darius uses. Could JC owners send PM our send scenatics for my help and for others interest?

    The thread is fine, I am happy that so many fans are arround. A friend of mine uses Heed Obelisks (pre -power combo), Heed dac with Darius speakers and is rather pleased with it. Worth listening, almost as good as mine :D

  5. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    You have a PM.
  6. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    in short term future I will have available a CPA602 .....

    Is somebody interested?

  7. synapse

    synapse pfm Member

    here's a question that hopefully someone may have the answer to .....if i have a Nytech active set up for ARC 050, what do i have to change to set up for ARC 101.....surely just a couple of component changes?
  8. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    why would it be different?
    Both 2 ways, might have the same crossover settings.
  9. synapse

    synapse pfm Member

    yes, i'm thinking maybe....but i know you could get your amps either set up for 050 or 101....well, they had a sticker on the back saying one or the other
  10. oldgit

    oldgit pfm Member

    Over the years have used all combinations without our obvious problems when changing speakers/active amps etc. 050/101/102 and mk11 101 with all the tweeter combinations

    When production was on going ,was never able to get any sense out of either of the outfits about what was the correct way to go about things.
    Change something inside the amp or in the xover bricks ?????????

    Would love to know the answer to this.Anybody got any clues
  11. Nytecholdie

    Nytecholdie pfm Member

    First generation 101s (square tweeter - pretty rare) had HF set to full and LF set to -2dB with tweeter set in phase with base unit (link on the Xover board)

    Later generation 101s and 050 (round ARC tweeter) had LF full and HF 1dB down (because of larger dome on tweeter and horn effect of tweeter surround) with tweeter out of phase with base unit

    To be quite honest turning both HF and LF to max for either is fine as long as the ARC tweeter is out of phase (do this by swapping the + and - of the tweeter LS connection if you dont want to change the link) as it sounds very "honky" with a midrange hump if theyre left in phase

    Still havnt got around to starting refurb of CPA602 yet - Soon!
  12. synapse

    synapse pfm Member

    That's really very useful nytecholdie......don't suppose you also happen to know what these later tweeters were as it seems it would be simpler all round to ensure these were installed......especially seeing my Nytechs have the 050 sticker but intend to hook up 101s..........which maybe early but I haven't seen them as yet........exciting
  13. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member


    do you have the circuit diagram available for the CPA602? If so, could you send me a copy?


  14. Dago

    Dago New Member

    Ciao to All

    First, I apologize for my English which in reality would not even is mine, but what Google do with my Italian.

    There are some months that I follow this forum and I found a philosophy of sound that my ears were hopelessly lost in it. Whit my Gaudio Magno, of course. In recent months I bought a pair of Royd Merlin who are playing with a 30 Watt NVA and I find that they are little jewels. Thanks to you guys!

    What I would like to request on this topic has some information on ION Obelisk 100. It happened that I went for the hundredth time on roydaudio dot com and I read that this amp was one of the most loved by Mr. Akroyd.
    Out of curiosity I tried one on ebay and I found it right away. And it was sex.

    Intensively using Google I found information I would think that the golden age of these amplifications is precisely to Nytech. While on Obelisk 100 with Google are very few details.

    Can I ask you to help me in time to place the production of this amp and someone maybe give me some information about?

    I personally think it could be the third incarnation of ION before sealing. But it's just a hunch, and I do not have any confirmation of this.

    Thanks for your attention and best regards.

  15. Nytecholdie

    Nytecholdie pfm Member

    I believe the tweeters with the ARC logo were actually assembled at ARC for the 050 and then added to the 101's and 202's. I think the original rectangular tweeter on the 101 may have been a kef unit.

    They improved the 101s midrange but made them sound a bit harsher so the good and bad idea debate went through most of the magazines at the time. Dont know who made the component parts though.

    Theres a Visaton tweeter I've seen in a catalogue recently which looks very similar and a pair may make a worthy replacement if anyones got a duff tweeter.

    In response to NRWler04's question I've drawn out the circuit of the CPA602 module and I'm in the process of double checking it before posting it here.

    If you cant wait - The circuit is almost identical to the CTA252/CA252 or first generation ion with a few component value changes and different semiconductors to cope with the 70V supply as opposed to the 56V supply on the 252/ion. Theres a circuit for a first gen Ion in one of the early posts on this thread which can be a useful guide as long as you can see the component values on the cpa602 board.

    Hope this helps!
  16. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Thanks Nytecholdie,

    yes, this is very helpful. The curcuit from the CA252 is available somewhere in the www. I already have it. We'll start on Sonday with the first CPA602. First we have to bring it back to life again ... then we'll do the recapping.

    First I'll test Panasonic cap's and the final "big ones" will be 63V 4700µF (F&T or Roederstein Gold) or I have also 63V 6800 µF (F&T) or 63V 2200 µF Roederstein Gold ..... Another possibility is to recap it with Elna's cap's.

    We also want to improve the PSU area with new Slit Foil cap's (63V 10000 µF) ....

    Maybe there are some other tips to improve the power supply.

    I will post some pics about the progress.

    Regards from Germany
  17. oldgit

    oldgit pfm Member

    From memory the ARC range of speakers ran as follows........

    101 mk11 (bought set of these and returned to Billy Vee within 24 hours)
    Anybody know of any others that were actually made it to the shops as opposed to factory prototypes and one offs etc .
  18. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Active Member

    Dear All,

    Just joined this forum and lo and behold NYTECH AUDIO is a topic.

    I enjoyed 18 months at Nytech Audio back in 1978-1980. it was a fun place to work and the amps were real giant killers with wonderful sound quality.

    The Active tri amp system for the Linn Isobarik was superb.

    i used to have prototype amps at my flat for listening quality assessments during the development of the pre and power amps.

    Also had a prototype speaker in my flat as well.

    Fun days

    David Cooper
  19. mountain biker

    mountain biker The hills are alive

    HI David
    What did the triamp system consist of?
  20. deltaunit

    deltaunit volume reveals detail

    Hi David,

    Thanks for posting, it seems like this thread has attracted a couple of ex-Nytech employees since the last time I checked in so I extend a warm welcome to you both. It's great that the legacy of the company has lived on and that the all important sound quality from these amps is still shining on even today (well mostly!).

    One of my hopes when originally posting this thread was to collect together some information on what seemed to be a bit of a mysterious local hifi company that seemed to have produced great things but of which little had been said or recorded online.

    We've had some great contributions, stories, images, schematics and price lists etc so far and I hope we can continue to uncover more. It's amazing that a small company 30 years ago created such a thing and is remembered so fondly. It would be great to learn more about how the company operated and developed its products and some of the decisions and innovations that went into them.

    I gather from this post that we may yet see another iteration of Nytech, wouldn't that be good, Nytech V4! I hope that everyone here in this thread will get to learn all about it.


    If anyone has a rough history and timeline for Nytech/Ion and their products I'd be really interested to learn about it. What was made, when and where. Also if there are any brochures, manuals or printed ephemera or reviews of kit etc please post them - it would all be so interesting to see and read about and have documented for the future.

    Thanks all.

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