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Naim NBL Speakers in Beech Finish - Passive Crossovers

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by andyzeg, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    **SOLD**For Sale are my cherished Naim NBL Speakers in beech finish....very sadly I have to bid these lovely loudspeakers goodbye.

    So here is a chance to get a pair of these very rare and seldom advertised speakers. I looked for ones for sale for months but unsuccessfully.

    They do sound wonderful, but are not really the best match for my Vitus Audio amp so they have to make way for some Avalon Eidolons coming soon. The NBLs still pack a hefty punch though, whilst also being very defined and musical. I would say though, that they worked best for me with a pair of Naim 135s...they just seemed to suit one another.

    The speakers look great but there are a few small points to consider.

    There is a small hole in one of the side firing bass unit grill cloths of the right hand speaker....as per photo....it corresponds with one of the screw heads that attach the bass unit behind. This was how I got them. This can be repaired or removed and the cloth replaced.

    Also, there is a tiny dink on the top edge of the left hand speaker...but really, this is hardly visible unless you get really close. Difficult to see in the photo...but that's shows how small it is.

    The beech veneer is perfect...no issues there other than that tiny dink.

    I do not have the original packing boxes...but rest assured, if they do sell, then I will package them very carefully and securely for either shipping or collection from Inverness, Scotland. They weigh over 40kg each.

    I have the transit bolts, though not the small packing cards for the rear of the bass units...but a piece of card does the job just as well. I also have the metal transit covers for the tweeter unit. The rubber o-rings for the front grill cloth are now replaced as the old ones had perished. Floor spikes are attached but would be removed for shipping.

    The passive crossovers at the back of each speaker have been removed for transport by previous owners and at a few of the screw fixing holes, the plastic has cracked. I have used new screws with washers to secure the crossovers

    These can be used as active speakers with the crossovers removed or simply unplugged and with the use of an active crossover such as a Naim Snaxo 362 and three power amplifiers or six monoblocs (like Naim 135s).

    I will also supply a printout of the Naim NBL Manual and setup guide, at copy of a Stereophile review and issue No. 3 of HiFi+ Magazine from 1999 which has the NBL on the front cover with a great review inside plus a good interview with the speaker's designer, Phil Ward.

    **SOLD**I am looking for £1500 plus shipping (though I strongly suggest collection...it's a long but beautiful drive to Inverness!)

    Photos can be viewed on Photobucket at :

    http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/Andrew_Zeglicki/library/HiFi Bought and Sold/Naim NBLs - If you have any trouble viewing the photos...just send me a PM with your email address and I will forward them to you...thanks.

    Any questions...please just reply here or PM me. **NOW SOLD** THANK YOU

    Kind regards

  2. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

  3. CRN

    CRN Jesus Rules

    Come on Guys these speakers are highly respected as one of the best Naim have ever made to date. I have this exact same pair at home and would not part with them unlike Naims newer models these sound amazing even close to the walls were as the newer ones need more space around them for them to breathe. Even Naims own sales staff use these still because they are so good they tell me.
    "Oh and what a great price", mine cost me an arm and a limb for them.
  4. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

  5. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

  6. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

  7. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

  8. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    Price reduction to £1500 - if no interest here then they will probably go to Ebay
  9. MrPinkEyes

    MrPinkEyes pfm Member

    Pm sent:)
  10. yuckyamson

    yuckyamson pfm Member

    I'm sorry but this is an absolutely fantastic deal. This model is one that could satisfy a dbl lover, an sbl lover, or an brik fan. They were also compatible with a wide variety of maps..... Relatively speaking. Tremendously capable, I cant imagine these sitting out there too long. Great opportunity for the right buyer. Bump on me. GLWS.
  11. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    Thank you for the message....yes they are great speakers!
  12. andyzeg

    andyzeg pfm Member

    **NOW SOLD** Thank you for all the interest.

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