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Multiple inputs - hard wired - possible?

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by pm1961, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. pm1961

    pm1961 pfm Member


    I'm putting this here rather than an AV forum, 'cos I reckon this is where the expertise is!

    So, I have multiple devices that output component video and only one input to the plasma.

    Rather than buy an expensive switching box, I would be happy with a multiple "Y" lead with the tail plugged in to the plasma. Obviously, with just one device switched on at a time.

    Question, will the active output "see" anything of the unpowered output stages to the detrement of the signal?

    The same principle applies to my modded pre-amp..... I'd like to do the same with the input switch if possible.......

    Thanks for your thoughts....

  2. PigletsDad

    PigletsDad pfm Member

    I don't think this would work very well (or at all) for video. Video signals have a much higher bandwidth than audio, so that reflections on the cables become very important. You cannot just connect video wires together in a Y; you would need to put impedance matching and terminating resistors in, and then add an amplifier to restore the level - by the time you do this, you have much of the complexity of a proper video switch.

  3. Stevie A

    Stevie A pfm Member

    Forgive me asking the obvious but have you considered a new (replacement ?) av amp?

    All modern amps now have multiple inputs and quite a lot also "upsample" ie up to component and or hdmi out then only one lead is needed up to the monitor.

    Failing that a switching box can be bought but again quality ones can be expensive.
  4. pm1961

    pm1961 pfm Member

    The plasma is in the lounge which is just a temporary home for some of my kit at the moment............

    Work on my dedicated hi-fi/av/boys toys room continues........

    Oh, I can't wait; no more WAF issues, no more interference and a huge 'kin lock on the door :cool:

    I digress....... I don't want to throw much, if any money, at it for that reason alone. I will end up with a cable box feeding a DVD recorder which outputs (to the only) component input on the telly. I also have a Pinnacle Showcentre which will stream high def output through the component but not the SCART channel........ and the difference in quality between the two is large, even with SD material........

    SWMBO looks vacantly at the Pinnacle so that's my toy and I'll just carry on swapping the leads over for now. The games console and sat' will have to wait.........

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