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MQA bad for Music?

Discussion in 'audio' started by kenniGT, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. ssimon

    ssimon pfm Member

    Did you read the whole article? MQA will get paid at every stage , including the production and reproduction equipment.
    I've only owned a Linn turntable, which I'm sure would sound better anyway, but the criticism makes sense, if people believe MQA is better, but then I always believed music sounded better without Dolby.
  2. radamel

    radamel pfm Member

    In what setup did you listen to MQA music?
  3. johnhunt

    johnhunt pfm Member

    I did yes and I think you and the writer are misinformed about MQA 'getting paid at every stage'.
  4. ssimon

    ssimon pfm Member

    You are then saying the article is factually wrong.
    I refer to Dolby because I'm sure the manufacturers would have to pay royalties, just to put Dolby on their cassette recorders.
  5. richards13

    richards13 pfm Member

    Hi, I suspect Linn employees like most of us worry about job security, MQA streaming might impact there model of music label and streamer of high definition downloads. Linn challenge is how to maintain income as streaming becomes more quality competitive.
  6. kenniGT

    kenniGT pfm Member

    You think... And I have feedback from inside industry and there are costs involved if you want to have MQA hardware support on your streamer. It will maybe not a problem for big companies like audioquest, but it is different story for small producers.
  7. radamel

    radamel pfm Member

    Mytek can hardly be considered a big company and they were the first to market (other than Meridian).
  8. kenniGT

    kenniGT pfm Member

    True, but it does not mean that they are wrong. We got used to mp3 flac and other denser formats to be free. Meridian cleverly found the loophole, gave us better quality with similar file size... but there is a catch: at the end of the day it is not for free.
  9. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    OK. Few comments to add.

    1) Any programmer who understands 'C' and the relevant processes is welcome to DIY versions, either direct from their own coding or via basing them on the demos I did. Indeed, it would be good if more than one person had a go to reduce the chance of a coding error altering the results un-noticed.

    2) For years now I've only used RISC OS and Linux. So any programs I do will be developed for them. As is my norm, I will then make the source code available, but someone else would need to port or convert them for Windows or Macs. I've not used either for a long time.

    3) I'll put this on my 'to do list' but no idea when it'll get to the top. Probably when I get bored with something else and decide I want to find out the results. :)

    Once done, anyone who wants can use the progam to start with a 'clean' high rez high sample rate 24 bit file and generate shaped or bitfrozen example they can listen to and/or try flaccing to see the change in filesize. If that's useful, help yourself. :)
  10. kenniGT

    kenniGT pfm Member

    Mytek is very much involved in promotion of MQA since early days..
  11. radamel

    radamel pfm Member


    But the question is if MQA is as costly as some imply how were they able to do it?
  12. ssimon

    ssimon pfm Member

    I'm sure it's paid for on a royalty basis, so it's only costly if they sell a lot of units, but it will be very profitable to the owners of the MQA patent if it become the Hi-Rez of choice.
  13. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    There will always be players who bet the house on the unpopular horse, in the hope that it comes in against the odds.
  14. radamel

    radamel pfm Member

    Do you have a rough idea about the fees paid per unit?
  15. radamel

    radamel pfm Member

    How much are the fees involved exactly?
  16. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    As far as I can tell it is all covered by non-disclosure.
  17. radamel

    radamel pfm Member

    You don't know then.

    So on what grounds do you base your insinuation that Mytek bet the house by taking up MQA?
  18. rich46

    rich46 pfm Member

    sorry ripped off I have a limited of SACD ONLY DISCS , played on a sony 3000es PLAYER, it must be close to 14 yrs old and the music sounds excellent . bought about 50 sacd back from china at that time. still think the one bit idea could have been a winner. still hoping to sacd rip some how .REALLY cant see MQA doing anything because of too many ifs and buts. It seems that Marantz are going back to one bit technology
  19. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

  20. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    No, it means the information is not public. If you have the information and think you are at liberty to disclose it, please post it

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