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MDAC First Listen (part 00110100)

Discussion in 'audio' started by JohnW, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Yes, the Detox is currently with the vendor and there are a few details remaining to be confirmed from our side (such confirmation of crystals samples and inductor vendors).

    We also need to sample one more CNC chassis to confirm the updates (correct alignment of rear panel connectors etc) then we will place our first order.

    Chinese new year is quite early this year (end of January) so I'm in the mind to scheduled first FULL production the 2nd week of February - with the 10 pcs of T0 units built before CNY. Once we have fully tested these units then say 6 pcs can be shipped to those most keen for the Detox.
  2. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    For sure I rarely use anything but XLR for best sound quality.

    Our internal XMOS software development board is a very decent DAC with Dual ESS9038 (mobiles) but is only RCA output - but still makes a extremely good and affordable little DAC for those who are happy with RCA outputs / 6.3mm headphone...

    Supports DSD256 and PCM768

    Remote control

    Digital pre-amplifier

    Powered from USB or external HQ 5V source (such as Detox).

    We tested the DAC with Detox USB2.0 output and we confirmed Detox brings decent improvements even with USB2.0 devices (not just isolated USB1.1) :)
  3. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Sadly we will not be working on the VR amps electronics design until the MDAC2/FDAC are complete - Petr our mechanical engineer has arrange a sample for the chassis which is currently being machined so we can open tooling - I doubt it will arrive this side of Christmas (but theres a chance) as we are keen to see the "new" VR range ID design.

    We will mount some power devices on the heatsink just to get an idea of the heasinks thermal power dissipation performance - this will determine the Max. quoted power output.

    From January we will have an embedded software engineer start working for us (so Lakewest will have grown to a team of 4 + Renata :) )
  4. jadidih101

    jadidih101 pfm Member

    So much for your semi-retirement, John ;) I guess the China trips have awoken the dragon in you. ;)

    I am glad to hear the team is growing. With all you have researched and discovered there is just now too much innovation and work for just one guy to handle.

    I am confident the work will be progressing at much faster pace now and very much looking forward to Munich show. Happy to buy you that drink then.

  5. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Thank you - also looking forward to meeting you guys at Munich (your welcome to bring ladys) - maybe Renata will join us this year :)

    I'll be staying at the same hotel as last year and have the "Mafia mobile" as you so kindly referred to it! so we can get to and from the show.... I'd give you the name of the Hotel, but Renata's not around to ask and I only have it programmed into the Cars GPS :confused: but its opposite that small odd bear garden...
  6. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    Hi John, quick question regarding the M-DAC. Is the same relay used for the balanced and unbalanced outputs?

    The reason for asking is that the relay on one channel on my M-DAC is stuck shut, so no signal comes out of that channel, and I now have a pair of active speakers with a balanced intput. If it were a different relay I could try using a balanced cable between DAC and speakers.
  7. jadidih101

    jadidih101 pfm Member

    I really want to check out the show (and Munich) this year so I am planning a 2-3 days stay. Would make sense to stay in the same hotel. Definitely have to find a better drinking hole than that weird "Biergarten" we were at last time. I'll do some searching :)
  8. Rune

    Rune pfm Member

    I am also planning to go hope Renata joins as well. My wife will come, but only for shopping not the show:)
  9. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Have you tried inserting a headphone jack to try and free the relay.
  10. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    I'm currently using headphone output to feed into the pre-amp. That's fine, the phono output is silent one one channel even after using the headphone jack.
  11. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Sadly its the same relay for SE / Balanced Output (One relay for Each Channel).
  12. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    Thanks John, I thought they might be shared, but thought I'd check just in case.
  13. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    The Headphone outputs share a single Relay.
  14. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    Thanks John, it's the left channel on the phono output that's not working. I'm fine with using the headphone output until the F-DAC comes along.
  15. iansr

    iansr pfm Member

    Can someone remind me, what was the name of that unusual shaped amp (cylindrical?) that John was thinking of repurposing at one point?
  16. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

  17. iansr

    iansr pfm Member

    They were the ones, thanks
  18. amershamman

    amershamman pfm Member

    With much discussion on the merits of XLR connections, I can't be the only one who doesn't have this on their amp. Would there be any point of buying a xlr to phono lead, or does that take away the true advantage of XLR connections?
  19. Sibbers

    Sibbers pfm Member

    Fraid so old bean, you can convert XLR to phono but lose the advantage as you suspected so not much point.
  20. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    There is no sonic advantage from using a XLR to RCA lead on the MDAC's output, but there is some advantage from using a RCA to XLR on a XLR input device (ADC or Power amplifier etc) as you potentially gain the advantage of "cable coupled hum and noise" rejection.... (although with degraded noise rejection).
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