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Lyra Atlas

Discussion in 'audio' started by artist, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. artist

    artist pfm Member

    i have been offered a very good deal on one.
    i am using a koetsu rosewood signature with the platinum upgrade.
    Do any members use the lyra and what are your thoughts in this
  2. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    I have compared Lyra Atlas to Koetsu Coralstone in the same system and Ortofon a95 in the same system. I have also heard the Koetsu RSP compared to the old Neumann DST and then to Zyx Uni 1.

    Koetsu and Lyra are just very different sounds. Lyra is much more transparent, detailed, neutral, fast, and has a wider range at the top and bottom. It is leaner and less full bodied than the Koetsu. Lyra can be more analytical. But these are so different they depend on the listener, and the music played. I prefer Lyra, on classical.

    The ortofon a95 is more like the Atlas, and lower priced. The Atlas will do a bit more range, dynamics, and slam and width than a95 but I would take a95 for the lower price and be happy. But they will both be similar to each other and very different from a Koetsu. If you like the Koetsu, there is no telling if you will like both that and the Atlas, or prefer one over the other.
  3. artist

    artist pfm Member

    I had a Lyra helikon when I had a very modded linn and an aro arm. So I have a fair idea of the presentation of the Lyra carts.as I am offered a very good price I will get it.Mount on my sme which I will sending to to Johnny A
  4. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    That's great, but comparing to koetsu is going to be very personal if you already like koetsu. Let us know what you think when you put them next to each other
  5. merlin

    merlin Avatar changed - Town names deemed offensive.

    I have a Kleos and if you hear a Lyra with their own phono pre you will never be the same again.

    Jonathan is very much alive and kicking and is an astonishingly talented designer.

    Sugano San died some years ago and for me, Koetsu's golden period went with him.

    I've owned an Onyx, Kondo IO and the Lyra. When I heard the Kondo gear I thought it was probably the best presentation I had heard. When I then changed to the Lyra combo it was equally authentic but more transparent and neutral. Superb for rips too.
  6. allthingsanalog

    allthingsanalog pfm Member

    Lyra Delos user here, best cart I've ever owned.
  7. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    You have the Lyra connoisseur?
  8. merlin

    merlin Avatar changed - Town names deemed offensive.

    Did have. A while ago now.

    We had a PFM trip to Tokyo a decade or so ago.

    I rarely listen to vinyl now. I ripped the stuff I enjoy. I'm too old to be changing sides too often.
  9. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    I went from Clavis to Helikon over a decade, then to Koetsu (Black Goldline), then to Urushi Vermillion. Can't imagine going back to Lyra; not because of the cart's, which are superb in their own right, but because I now have a Transfig. Proteus, which does everything my Benz Ebony did, losing marginal warmth but adding much more space, extension and refinement than either of my Lyras yet with similar dynamics. Absolutely transparent but never analytically challenged.

    Whereas the Lyras are happy in low medium mass arms (SMEV, e.g.), the Koetsus benefit from heavier arms (I have 2 x 12").

    Also, of course, your K has about 0.4 mV or maybe a little less for the Platinum (at 5 cms/sec) but the Lyras have 0.55 mV, which can come close to challenging some phono stages (Superline, e.g.)

    Depending upon your ancillary kit, I think you'd enjoy the Atlas, though it might be a culture shock at first, as the two brands are chalk and cheese tonally in the cart. department. Ks are darker and more intense emotionally.
  10. artist

    artist pfm Member

    the phono stage is the Avid Pulsare 2 with the Avid Acutus reference sp tt,Vitus pre and power amp with Wilson Sasha speakers.
    the avid phono stage is not 100% am looking into others the vitus RP-102.
    Mike as i said i did have a lyra helicon when they came out before that i had a koetsu black and a kiseki purple heart sapphire so i have a fair idea what to expect.
    once this is done then i will look into a cd transport i can get a dac board for the vitus pre.
    Thanks to everyone here on PFM always a great help
  11. sq225917

    sq225917 situation engineer

    What phono are you going to run? There's precious few worthy of such elevated company.
  12. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    Which Vitus amp- I am a fan of their class A amps - like SM 102 and up, not a fan of their digital. Their 60k phono is supposed to be the dog's bollocks
  13. artist

    artist pfm Member

    bonzo75 60k is out of ew
    Reach for me as is the sm102
    I am running the Rl101 and the Rs100
  14. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    Not a fan of his AB amps.

    Regarding koetsu, I heard the koetsu today on FR 64 in a micro Seiki 8000 mk2 in a direct comparison to colibri on an Ikeda 407. Heard the koetsu black, then urushi, then the Onyx with rose wood and titanium head shells. Boy was I wrong about koetsu, especially with the titanium head shell extremely good. Rest of the system was air tight with Zingali client names and Hypex with YG Anat
  15. artist

    artist pfm Member

    You should listen to them they are extremely good I compared them to tidal and they just sounded better
  16. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    Don't like tidal.
  17. mjw

    mjw pfm Member

    artist, PM backtovinyl. I bought his Koetsu that he ran alongside a Lyra. I haven't compared but reportedly they're very different and, as others have hinted, you just like one or the other. Just taking a punt is an expensive way to found out.
  18. bonzo75

    bonzo75 Planar freak + foo tweak geek

    Mjw, what is your arm, TT, and phono?

    Artist, what is yours?
  19. mjw

    mjw pfm Member

    Here's a laugh for you, I have a Well Tempered Amadeus GTA but my punt on backtovinyl's Rosewood Signature paid off because they paired very well. I ran it through one of Simon's Paradise stages for a few months and that is an outstanding stage but I've sold it on. I travel a lot now so it wasn't getting used and, if I'm honest, the Amadeus is nowhere near good enough to get the best out of it. I only have one stage now, a Tron Convergence, and it probably gives me 70-80% of the Paradise.
    The rest is a Vitus RI-100 and ART 3-way speakers.
  20. radine

    radine hermit

    Bonzo 75, you've heard a lot of great systems. I'm curious as to what you have settled on. What system are you using at home?

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