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keeping 112x and nap150 naim switched on

Discussion in 'audio' started by halfcamoflauge, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. halfcamoflauge

    halfcamoflauge Active Member

    have heard that its best to keep them switched on all the time.....is this true,will it damage them in any way doing this and would the sound be better for having them always warm
  2. spur07

    spur07 pfm Member

    I was always told to leave amps on 24/7 and switch off only during bad storms. My 72/250 stays on almost all the time. However, some people do think its detrimental and unnecessary.
  3. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Yes they will sound better, no you won't damage them
  4. djftw

    djftw Heterodox Member

    My fiancée can also tell when I have had my Naim kit (including 112/150) turned off... which is my usual litmus test for whether it's real or hi-fi nerd paranoia. I now only turn it off when I am away overnight or during storms. I haven't noticed any downside, not even on the power bill!
  5. Davym

    Davym pfm Member

    Class b type amp's use little power so take ages to heat up properly, overnight usually does the trick.

    My NVA A60's been on for about a year and a half now with no issues.
  6. Bemused

    Bemused What's this all about then?

    My system only gets turned off when its broken.

    You Naim will love for leaving it on.
    Just give it a good source and listen to the difference.
  7. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Naim have always recommended 24/7 powering, especially with their pre's. I'm sure it extends capacitor life, as charging and discharging these eventually takes its toll.

    Besides, s/s electronics prefer a warm operating temperature.
  8. ter

    ter pfm Member

    WHY? WHY? It is an absolute waste of power. If something is so precious to have to leave it powered up 24/7 to be able to perform properly : something is wrong? And I am not trying to bang on some climate change agenda drum, saying this. The practice is but a smart cover for mild forms of neurotic obsessive behavior projecting airs and graces of 'preciseness'.. . Where did this 'leaving it on' romancing caper, start from ? From Hi Fi shop keepers and techie statements: since those people are working with it all day....IT IS convenient for them to leave it in...to be able to use or demonstrate something quickly, without then fumbling and look stupid , doing it.
    So it became a misinterpretation: a case of repeating someone else 's habit: 'If they do it...why not I ?....they know what's best, don't they!'. Given their particular trade circumstances, it would /may be sensible . People then stating "we only turn it off if a thunderstorm is coming" overlook a simple fact. What if the thunder strike fits 'they are caught away from home when it hits', or ' being so dead asleep' -overnight -before they can get out of bed - the equipment takes a hit? All their good 24/7 work ...goes out the door.
    Is that why at times, we see comments like " My ......has given up the ghost' ...or it has blown a ....circuit"? All put down to a 'failure'. Definitely not???!!!... some stray outside- home natural electrical spike they did not know about, 'super-powering up' their 24/7 equipment.

    PS I would like to know if there is any 'greenie' here, that actually powers up their equipment up 24/7 in any case? That could be a mirthful situation to think about.
  9. Davym

    Davym pfm Member

    I use my system every day and it definately sounds better when well warmed so it stays on, if surges worry you then use a surge protector, some say they limit dynamics but so does a blown amp which can happen at any time so maybe we should never switch em on at all.

    This would definately increase it's life but it would be kind of pointless eh.
  10. dave

    dave Plywood King

    Best sound is achieved by leaving all of your Naim gear turned on. I'd only turn them off (and unplug them from the wall) if a thunderstorm is pending and/or you're going on a week's vacation.

    Forget mains filtration of any sort, they all harm the sound of Naim's equipment.

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