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good, SMALL solid state amplifiers? on a budget...and not Class D

Discussion in 'audio' started by jamesd, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. abbydog

    abbydog pfm Member

  2. sprogbasket

    sprogbasket pfm Member

    Always liked the AVI lab series amp 200 Watts , half width size highly musical and quite dashing too
  3. samz

    samz pfm Member

    I briefly had a Heed Obelisk on a home demo and was really impressed with it, I didn't buy it as it was the MK2 version and they now have the MK3 version which is more powerful and wanted to hear the MK3 but have not done so as yet.

    The Heed Obelisk may suit if you don't want a bright sound, to my ears it sounded nicely rich with a natural warmth to the sound without losing out on detail.
  4. eastone

    eastone pfm Member

    I used Quad power amps with AN and Snell speakers to pretty good effect. A good, serviced 306 can be had for less than £250 and will run happily with the DAC doing attenuation. If there's too much gain in stock form or you feel the need to add an active preamp you can alter sensitivity very simply by changing a resistor.

    The 306 is a surprisingly bouncy little amp, having all the lovely midrange you'd expect from Quad without sacrificing transparency.
  5. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    Price isn't necessarily an indication of sound quality.
  6. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    Excess power doesn't hurt, and a decent class D amp is fine at lower power levels too. They are small and efficient, and can really challenge top-notch A/B amps in terms of sound quality.
  7. eastone

    eastone pfm Member

    Or how about the Valvet monoblocks currently in the classifieds? 10 watts single ended class A per side... and solid state...
  8. russel

    russel ./_dazed_and_confused

    The 3116 is not a hifi device, its the 3250 that is a bit more advanced.
  9. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    I'm surprised no one has offered the obvious answer.


    I'll have to bring mine out of hibernation to try out with my Yammy NS-1000Ms.
  10. Whaleblue

    Whaleblue Box-swapper extraordinaire

    FWIW I now have old school efficient speakers (NS-1000Ms) and Nord NCore 500 D-class amps. They sound stunning together.

    My only concern is ensuring I don’t put 400W through the Yammies.
  11. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    I guess the proper designation would be "Hypex nCore 500's as sold by Nord", but then we should apply the same terminology to people like NAD too...
  12. Whaleblue

    Whaleblue Box-swapper extraordinaire

    Absolutely right. Nord ‘just’ put them in nice boxes with some decent opamps.

    While I have your attention - given that I currently run my Roon end-point (Raspberry Pi thing) through a Dragonfly Black DAC into the Ncores... how would I calculate the digital attenuation required to ensure I don’t exceed 100W into the Yammies?

    I hope that makes sense.
  13. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    No that's an old wives tale. Both are essentially neutral and there is no aspect of their design to make them sound bright.

    Older Naim is fine though hiss levels might be an issue if your 'speaker sensitivity rating is over 90dB.

    The old Cyrus Power and Smart Power were fine units (I've owned the former). Not tried anything produced by Cyrus in past decade though.
  14. Clay B

    Clay B pfm Member

    Pass XA 25.

    World class sound, beautifully built, reliable in the extreme, and it will outlast you. $4,900 U.S. and worth every penny.
  15. jamesd

    jamesd pfm Member

    I agree. In this case, it’s incredible for the money. It’s not better than the budget Rotel amp I’m currently running, though (which I paid 100 bucks for).
  16. Alan Brown

    Alan Brown Registered LUser

    EWA Q20 and matching pre, by the guy who invented the Inca Tech Claymore. Plenty of power and a half width chassis, I think it's being reviewed this week in Audiophile News and Music Review.

    I've got a forerunner of the Q20 and it's really special.
  17. Mullardman

    Mullardman Resident Philistine

    I'm not.
  18. DM-10

    DM-10 pfm Member

    Clones 25i

    Densen BEAT100

  19. Bob Edwards

    Bob Edwards pfm Member

    I'll second the Exposure suggestion . . .
  20. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Distributor and Manufacturer

    So does TRON. The Convergence Mono amps are currently available, or the Convergence stereo version will be available before Christmas.


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