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gl75 wobbly tone arm

Discussion in 'classic' started by stuv, May 11, 2009.

  1. stuv

    stuv Member

    hi all,
    i've just inherited a couple of lenco goldring gl75s one of which is fine the other has a wobbly tone arm. it moves up and down at the fulcrum but only on the right hand side! is it easily fixable and what is actually wrong with it? any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Uncle Ants

    Uncle Ants I'm a Shop Keeper

    It needs new V Blocks (basically what the bearing pivots sit in). You can get new ones from Technical and General. It's relatively easily fixable.
  3. packtech

    packtech Ex band member twice.. :)

    If you have the money I wouldn't bother with the arm, get the deck serviced, put it in a decent plinth system and stick a good arm on it, these decks are so much better than most people would have you believe, I did wonders with one many many years ago, belonged to a friend, and it trounced my then STD 305 D Turntable...another wibbly wobbly suspended belt drive design..
  4. stuv

    stuv Member

    hi, thanks for the responses but who are technical and general? i'm pretty handy with repairing stuff but are there any diagrams on the web to show how to replace the v blocks, or get the arm apart in the first place? cheers.
  5. Uncle Ants

    Uncle Ants I'm a Shop Keeper

    Here's a how to.

    Technical and General have spares for Lencos. No web site but their number is here: +44 (0) 1892 654534

    If you want general Lenco help and advice the Lenco Heaven Forum is the place.

    Views on how good/bad the original Lenco arm is ... differ. I think a new set of V blocks is about £25 or so, certainly a lot less than a better arm.
  6. stuv

    stuv Member

    hi uncle ants, that's great i'll give them a call.
  7. shaman

    shaman Member

    I would agree with packtech. These are stunning t/t's if you put them in a decent plinth and partner with a decent arm. You will not believe how good they sound!
  8. Uncle Ants

    Uncle Ants I'm a Shop Keeper

    Well I wouldn't disagree with him either but to be honest it isn't what the OP asked.
  9. stuv

    stuv Member

    you are right there, i really just want to get the turntable up and running properly. i guess i can upgrade the components at a later date but now it's out there and for future reference i take it what you other guys are saying is that the motor and platter are good enough for an upgrade. how do they compare with a 301 say? by the way cheers for the excellent "how to" as well uncle ants. got the old ones out easy as anything!
  10. Uncle Ants

    Uncle Ants I'm a Shop Keeper

    Some of the Lenco's advocates would say it stands comparison. I wouldn't say everyone would agree, but everyone has their favourites I guess. Tony L has an L70 (pretty much the same as an L75), a 301 and a Thorens TD124 - last time he discussed it here he effectively said he preferred them all :)

    It'll certainly stand a serious arm and cartridge, but will almost certainly need better than the bog standard plinth to really perform. I've a Pro-Ject 9c Carbon arm on mine with an Audio Technica OC9MLII.

    If you have a good read on the Lenco Heaven site you'll get an idea of what people are up to with these.
  11. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    Well, I've always had very good results with the standard Goldring springy plinth and despite the total trashing of the arm's worth, I'd say to get both decks re-"v" blocked, get a fresh deck to amp internonnect fitted with separate earth for the chassis. Get the underside of the platter clean along with the motor spindle and idler wheel and lubracate carefully where necessary. Without spending a fortune you'll have a fantastic deck that despite the arm's high mass, will still take some good basic cartridges - the AT95E is a great start and I suspect the Pickering V15/625e and AT120E will be fine there too, despite reservations from "on high" on this comment (the Linn AT sourced K9 worked fine in the L75 with no "wobbling," as did an ADC VLM).

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