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Elna Silmic II Caps - Got Any Spare?

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by mr_spanners, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. mr_spanners

    mr_spanners pfm Member

    Just wondering if anyone has a few to sell?

    I'm after recapping my NAC102 so I reckon I'll need 2 x 47uf 35v for the gain stage and at least 8 x 10uf 35v for the signal path (I've not physically looked yet so I'm not sure just how many I need!)

    If not, what's the best\easiest place to buy for such a small quantity?


  2. zener

    zener fluff

    I have some , not many, I'll have a look tonight and let you know , RichardH of this foorum may have some left , send him a PM if he doesnt contact you.
  3. RichardH

    RichardH Bodging pleb

    I have enough 47uFs available, but not many 10s (if any). Frankly though for the 10uFs, you may be better looking for some film caps rather than the Silmics, or the good old BC128s maybe?
  4. mr_spanners

    mr_spanners pfm Member

    Thanks! I've tried the BC128's before and found them a little too bright so I was keen to try the Elnas instead.

    I'll whip the case off the 102 later and see how many 10uf I need (I'm quite sure I need just 2 x 47uf but will confirm)


  5. RichardH

    RichardH Bodging pleb

    OK. PM me and let me know what you need of each and I'll see what I can do.
  6. Artioneer

    Artioneer tripath walker


    If you're short I still have a few 10uF's which I can supply to mr_spanners.

    Even still got the old photo.

  7. zener

    zener fluff

    I have 4 SimicII 10uf 35V spare , they have been used but only for about a couple of hours
  8. neiljadman

    neiljadman Senior Member

    I have plenty of 10/35s if you need them.
  9. sq225917

    sq225917 situation engineer

    try audio cubes the dutch guys, they are the cheapest on the web that i've found.

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