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Dynavector 20X2H or Clearaudio Maestro Wood

Discussion in 'audio' started by el34eh, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. el34eh

    el34eh pfm Member

    Hi once fellow Music Lovers,

    As usual I've to ask another question from you guys, I'm looking to add one or the other on my Well Tempered Classic MK V, and knowing that the Dynavector line is often considered a match made in heaven with the Well Tempered's in general.

    Yet, here in the States many claim that the 20X are the dogs of the line, and many appear to thing it would be better to get the cheaper 10X5!, as you all have assisted with sound recommendations for both the Sonneteer Campion and the DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3's which I adore very very much by the way, I figured that some of you here would be able to offer more insight into this matter.

    I've heard the Clearaudio Maestro Wood on an associates WTRP, and thought it sounded quite nice overall, and later had the opportunity to hear a XX2mk2 on the Amadeus and came away even more impressed. But then reality kicked in and I found myself thinking I'd rather invest up to $1.000 on either of these cartridges and spend the other $1.000 on 20 of those Blue Note Records - Music Matters LTD 2x 45rpm lp's. So the quest is an attempt to see what the consensus are amongst you guys?, I mean you're hitting two out of two in my book so far and in all honesty I trust in your views/opinions more then any other forum I visit - well yours and some of the young cats at echoloft.com that is.

    With that being said, could those of you whom have either heard or owned one of these two cartridges share you views!, as I can only pursue one or the other.

    Please take into account I'm looking for the one with the best fidelity as well as less surface noise from my vintage 50/60's Mono jazz collection. Please assist this 52 year old jazz lover whom isn't able to get out for a proper audition on either of these due to severe cases of Gout flare ups during weather months. If there was ever a time - I needed you guys ears " Now's The Time ".

    Thanks to those whom are kind enough to share your knowledge in advance.

  2. positive_energy

    positive_energy pfm Member

    HI Oscar,

    I use the 20XH on my P3-24/TTPsu and listen to mostly Jazz (although Stereo on the whole) and find the DV to be very good indeed, no complaints here. I do not have any experience with your other option though so cannot say which would be best. As you say the WT/DV combo is a good one and if you like the XX2 then I am sure you will also like the 20xH.
  3. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC


    I have both the DV20 and the DVXX2 MKII.

    I find the DV20 does not fail when it comes to getting detail off the record. It may not have quite the detail, punch and separation that the XX2 does however for what the DV20 costs you will be hard pressed to match it elsewhere.

    Maybe the best way I can put it is that XX2 gives more believability to the music than the DV20, however as you point out it is somewhat more expensive.

    I also have a Linn Karma, ok, it is somewhat old but it has not been played much and the DV20 is in my estimation better than the Karma.

    My decks are WTA GTAa and a Linn LP12 / Ittok.

    I also use the Dynavector P75 MKII phono stage.

    Oh, just to add, best to have a steady hand if you go for the DVXX2 as the stylus is very delicate!

    Hope this helps.


  4. el34eh

    el34eh pfm Member

    Positive Energy and John C,

    I wish to thanks you both for chiming in with your heartfelt opinions, as it means the world to me to get recommendations for people whom actually own said products in question. As most of us only have reviews to go by, and aren't able to hear many of these more affordable cartridges within the confines of our own home/system - it's sometimes hard to know what the true maybe for most of us!.

    I merely wish to get this right the first time around without questioning my choice either way, and it appears the 20X2H would be the logical way to go. And once again much thanks to you both.

  5. deserter

    deserter pfm Member

    The 20 is a really great cartridge for the money.
  6. el34eh

    el34eh pfm Member

    Hi deserter,

    Thanks you as well. This is just one of those things I simply don't have a clue about. As some users seem to love it - while others claim it's the weakest link in the entire Dynavector family and more often then not, here in the States at least recommend the cheaper 10X5!.

    Other say the 17D3's have great resolution, yet somethings missing as far as spacious and the involvement factor. I just know that the XX2mk2 was an ear opening experience to say the least, yet I'm not fond of having to pay $1.000 when it's time for it to be re-tipped.

    In this case, I prefer to have two lesser cartridges as a means of backup without having to lose a beat if you will while the a cartridge is being reworked.

    Maybe one of these days, I shall have to stop being so cheap and pull the plug and just go 4 it....., 'cause God knows after hearing the XX2, makes life that much harder to settle for less.

    I find it odd that so many in this county ( U.S.A. ) think that if a cartridge doesn't cost upwards of $6.000 then it's a joke, I myself rather have more and more and more Vinyl.

    I'd say my priorities are in order, even the WT - Shindo Labs - DeVore Fidelity dealer here stated that he would never push cartridges on his customers over $3.600 or so, and is fond of both the Dynavector's and current EMT cartridges for everyday usage as well as during demo's.

    A few dealers here do understand that Music is the Source - yet though better components one reaches an end to the madness of continuing to search for the illusion of TAS!.

    Best wishes to you all.
  7. positive_energy

    positive_energy pfm Member

    Oscar, I think you definitely have your priorities right - much better spend the money on those Blue note 45s
  8. el34eh

    el34eh pfm Member

    Positive Energy,

    It's nice to know at least someone else understand the importance of the Music, for without it - why should any of us be bothering with the slightly more costly kits as a means to emphasis what the artist wanted to relay in their recordings to begin in a more holistic manner.

    I for one am so close to the point, whereas reading about Hi-Fi isn't a option these days. I rather spend whatever time I've left on this planet - listening.

    Thanks again for caring enough to share, it has made the decision that much easier.

  9. positive_energy

    positive_energy pfm Member

  10. DavidS

    DavidS pfm Member

    Indeed the new DV20X2 is much better than the old 20X.

    It uses the XX2 body and sounds much like a cross between the XX2 and the old 20X.

    I bought one and love it !


  11. el34eh

    el34eh pfm Member

    Positive Energy and David,

    Thanks again for the extra information, as mentioned I sold. And I shall be checking into that article on the naim-audio forum.

    Take care of yourselves .

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