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Considering a Move to Vinyl

Discussion in 'audio' started by Flibbles, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Flibbles

    Flibbles Member

    I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a demo of Naim's Statement amps at Infidelity in Kingston. I had a great evening (it's a great shop) but what I found interesting was that Naim demoed it with an NDS and 555 but then Tangerine showed off their top of the range LP12 and I thought it sounded miles better.

    They get you along to these things for a reason and it worked! :) I have been happily using a streamer for the last few years but it got me wondering should I move to "the other side" and invest in a deck.

    My question is really about investment. Having an NDS and 555 I worry that buying an entry level deck will just be a waste of time as it won't sound anywhere near as good as my NDS but I'm not sure I want to throw a lot of money at a deck yet if I don't like it. I'm keen to know what other people's experiences have been in moving in this direction and thoughts on what would be a good way to start out with the system I have.

    I'm using a Naim system - 282, 250, Supercap, NDS, 555. Wilson Benesch Actors.
  2. suzywong

    suzywong The Man who had no Naim

    Don't do it - it is the Road to Purgatory. Even as a Naimie, you will learn what upgradeitis really is!

    £ for £, digital is better value for money. And you don't have to worry about children or kitties playing "Magic Roundabout" on it*.

    OTOH...............LP12(lingo)-Zeta-ATOC5 into NAC82-SNAXO-250s-SBL does have a lovely "something" about it :)

    *I am still traumatised after watching our 3.5 kg Burmese cat (Syltonia Honkong Suzy Wong) walking across my TT.................it did bounce well though :):)
  3. Mullardman

    Mullardman Resident Philistine

    Unless you have a pre-existing vinyl collection.. I'd be very wary.
    I've been collecting records since around 1962 and I can't be without vinyl. But, if you are starting from scratch, you are either going to search the s/h sources,.. expensive. or buy into new pressings.. often of doubtful provenance.

    BUt.. if you do it right.... :)


    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    My word of caution is this; with record decks upgrades to the hardware are very clearly audible and you can easily end up spending a huge amount of money.
  5. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    I would echo all that has been said so far but if you must jump in then I would keep it simple. New or 2nd hand, Rega, Nottingham Analogue or Well Tempered would be worth considering for their simplicity and relative value for money. Alternatively if it must be an LP12 then hunt down a good 2nd hand one. Factor in a reasonable cartridge and phono stage and it all starts to become expensive.
  6. monya

    monya pfm Member

    Forget it. A reasonably priced tt will lead to expensive upgrades. These days digital done right sounds as good as vinyl.
  7. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    This, unless you have an existing record collection..
  8. zippy

    zippy pfm Member

    I have to ask, did you have an analogue system before the streamer ?
    For myself, I've preferred the digital sound since the very early days of CD, and I quickly got rid of my LP12 and the record collection in favour of CD, and more lately, home streaming.
    To me, analogue sounds completely different to digital and if you've got used to the digital sound maybe going analogue will be a very expensive mistake.
  9. lost audiophile

    lost audiophile pfm Member

    So the NDS is digital done wrong. Or the OP was imagining the differences.
  10. lost audiophile

    lost audiophile pfm Member

    I don't understand the need to deny what the OP heard
  11. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Can’t do any harm, you can afford it, bit of a distraction, long time dead etc. Personally I’d like to go the other way but I’ve got too many records. Still; not much of a pension so I hope the fad lasts and they get me down the pub in my dotage.
  12. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    It is down more to maths (££) than anything else.

    Getting pre-owned hardware at any price point is pretty simple, and should sell for at least close to what it is bought for if ultimately you think the idea is not for you. The hassle is that you have been hooked by some pretty expensive kit............. having said that, a Valhalla LP12 with a Nima is going to sound pretty good and going to cost? Maybe a good deal short of £1k - take a look at Cymbiosis LP12s built from spares/used parts. Add a cart and phono stage...............

    As already said, the software can't be downloaded and does not come cheap - far more hassle than anything to do with hardware.
  13. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Just because a Linn sounded better on one track in one dem does not make the format superior...unless you listened to lots of comparisons in a number of genres and had the same result.

    A dem can easily be thrown in the direction of digital or vinyl through careful selection. Mastering is everything. If I were starting out today I would not go near vinyl. And I love it!
  14. whatsnext

    whatsnext Naimless

    If you are addicted and have huge amounts of money and time to waste go for it. See what a good demo and sales team can achieve.

    You are used to addiction being a NAIM believer - feed the habit. They have got you
  15. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Nic, it was a great event over two evenings with a very broad range of music, the Stiletto player won hands down and most in the room would agree. When the events finished, those that hang around just wanted more from the Stiletto LP12!!


  16. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Mark, don't get me wrong. I love my records and listening to them. But in my preferred genres, digital can often be better (and vice versa). I have nothing but respect for the work you guys have put in and it looks like you've got a winner there.
  17. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Thanks Nic, I have nothing against digital, we just had the better source, the event was really to showcase the Naim Statement amps which are superb, if rather pricey!
  18. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    I'm a bit late to the party here, but generally agree with the previous posters. I think it hinges upon your record collection (if any). It's pretty easy to buy a good vinyl front end if you have sufficient funds to equate with or better your digital sources.

    If thinking of building up an LP collection, consider these points:

    You'll need an RCM if buying used from any source.

    Early or original records are virtually collectors' items and priced accordingly.

    Modern 180/200 gramme reissues are (i.m.e.) rather variable/poor in s.q. and sometimes vinyl longevity aspects.

    Charity shop bargains were yesterday's eureka moment.

    You'll need more than an adequate platform for the deck, and, lastly,

    Records need storing properly and take up space

    You'll need to be competent with all aspects of setting up a vinyl rig, with its necessary alignment and cleaning accoutrements.

    Oh dear, I might well have painted a bleak vinyl landscape here ! :D
  19. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    ^^^Yes, but it's fun and sounds great!
  20. whatsnext

    whatsnext Naimless

    But CAN be fun and sound great. No guarantees.

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