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Concerto BWV 1064 - JS Bach

Discussion in 'classical' started by George J, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. George J

    George J pfm Member


    I thought I would just like to share this wonderful music with you.

    Mostly known in the official Bach version for three Harpsichords and small orchestra, here it is expertly transposed for three violins, which may well be close to its actual original form, before Bach made the Three Harpsichord Concerto of it

    Please enjoy!

    Best wishes from George
  2. George J

    George J pfm Member


    A nice alternate performance from the time when the piano was often viewed as the suitable keyboard for Bach. A wonderful performance to warm the heart!

    ATB from george
  3. GML

    GML pfm Member

    That was a treat George. Thanks for the post!
  4. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    I enjoyed listening to that, thanks.
    I understand why classical has a separate room, but rarely think to visit.

    Fortunate for all the lil' fish that your knowledge is available :)
  5. George J

    George J pfm Member

    Dear Still,

    I have the idea of posting other little nuggets of gold from time to time.

    Recordings can be great, because they are a time radar of how things were done over a long time, and also allow for investigating things that are really not often played in concerts these days.

    The gramophone as such really is an important part of Western Art Culture by now.

    Best wishes from George
  6. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    I couldn't agree more.
    Whatever you do, please keep posting :)

    Cheers - John
  7. FrankF

    FrankF pfm Member

    Geroge J, thanks for posting this!

    I have several versions of these wonderful concertos for 2, 3 & 4 keyboards, BWV 1060-1065, with various instruments. These are most likely my favourite versions:


  8. George J

    George J pfm Member

    Dear Frank,

    One day we must share listening to these!

    ATB from George

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