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Camera with wifi that uploads direct to image hoster...

Discussion in 'photo' started by richgilb, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. richgilb

    richgilb I'd have voted out lol....

    ...do they exist, please?

    We have a lot of photos to take for work and we have several thousand already stored. Taking pics and then uploading them is a waste of our time. If we can snap and then upload straight to the image hoster that would work. I see wifi cameras exist but if you need to upload into a folder on your laptop first and then upload to the image hoster, the only time saved here is not pluggin the camera in to the laptop, I think?

    Phones do a good job of image transfer and I'd buy a latest phone for pics. It's only online retail so pics get edited and compressed a lot anyway but the latest phones are 400 quid. And I have just bought a new phone, and alas this camera is way off the pace for the job.
  2. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    Samsung NX1000 might do the job, its no longer soild in this country (new) but quite a few about secondhand, it has wifi but can email photos directly and upload them to other groups (eg Facebook), might meet your requirements.
  3. antinchip

    antinchip pfm Member

    Apparently my Canon 750D does, but I have not tried it. The camera has a Wi-Fi function that can connect with other devices (mobile phones, computers etc) to send images to them and can upload images to web services via the Canon image Gateway (free registration required).

    In the case of the latter the Camera does need to connect to a web connected network. Perhaps not so good if you are out and about. Perhaps you could at least connect wirelessly to a web enabled mobile or laptop so it is just an interface rather than having to download/upload as you mention.

    Have a look on the Canon website for more information or do a Google search. Other brands/models may have similar functions/utilities.

    Good luck.
  4. Mark Grant

    Mark Grant Trade: Mark Grant Cables

    Who is the image hoster as that will help narrow down the choices.

    I have used eye-fi cards for years and they still work, that is to my PC rather than direct to a image hosting service...
  5. richgilb

    richgilb I'd have voted out lol....

    Well I have a flick account but will open any account if it has the easiest path. I have seen ones where you have to go through a phone, surely that is a bit lame? If phones can do it no messing, I think cameras can too?
  6. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    Wifi/4G/GPS use usually eats battery life. And I can see plenty of opportunity for me to throw such a camera in the bin as it'll rarely perform as advertised and then when the updates stop it could be unusable.
  7. richgilb

    richgilb I'd have voted out lol....

    Thanks for this recommendation. I got one in as new condition for £80 and it is certainly a big step up up from the camera phone. The pictures are great, and where our cheaper camera let us down, the camera screen is great too, so I know if I got the shot.

    The screen menu is great for beginners like me too, but possibly annoying for experienced enthusiasts. Every time I look at a setting like Aperture or ISO it displays a window explaining what it does....
  8. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    Great, glad to be of help.

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