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Archival CD storage?

Discussion in 'audio' started by shevans, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. shevans

    shevans pfm Member

    I'm looking for a way to store (put away) all my CD's, they are currently living in several cardboard boxes but I want to "throw away" the jewel cases and save on space and weight.

    Need to keep all the parts (booklet artwork, CD) except the plastic case. There are about 600 CD's to store and they can be split among several boxes/cases.

    Any recommendations please?
  2. andy831

    andy831 pfm Member

    This is something I have thought long and hard about. Covers 33 and I am sure lots of other suppliers will sell you simple cardboard sleeves that by my reckoning will reduce the stored size of your collection by a 2 thirds as each card sleeve probably takes up less than one third of the space occupied by the plastic jewel case.

    I have not actually tried it yet, so would be interested if you proceed with the idea.


  4. wazza69

    wazza69 pfm Member

    I used plastic wallets and then a rubber band to keep the booklet etc together with the disc
  5. donmusic

    donmusic Let's talk about music and DIY

    I wouldn’t personally recommend the use of any cardboard sleeves as I do not always think they do the best job of protecting the CD’s. It really depends on the qualify. I like some of the other suggestions made, however.
  6. shevans

    shevans pfm Member

    Thank you, some very good idea's please do keep them coming....
  7. James Evans

    James Evans Bedroom Bodger

    Local library uses plastic sleeves to display cd inners on the shelf, with cardboard sleeves used to store the cds behind the desk. Plastic would seem a decent option.
  8. shevans

    shevans pfm Member

  9. Dick Bowman

    Dick Bowman Well-Known Member

    The sleeves sold by Jazzloft (USD44 for 200) are also sold by Cadence http://www.cadencebuilding.com/cadence/cdsleeve.html (USD15 for 100) who I believe are the ultimate source. I've been using them for a few years. As is the way with Cadence, slightly rough-hewn but effective. Probably worth rechecking the price with Cadence - they may not have updated their web page for a while.

    When I last searched I couldn't find anything more effective or economical.
  10. rabbit

    rabbit pfm Member

  11. shevans

    shevans pfm Member

  12. Klyde

    Klyde pfm Member

  13. Pete the Feet

    Pete the Feet pfm Member

    I've just ordered a couple of hundred to give them a try, will get more if successful.
    Most cd's streamed now therefore not required in living space once ripped.
  14. shevans

    shevans pfm Member

    Just deciding on the best method of cannibalising a DigiPak CD case as I have quite a few of these, the good news is that i'm saving a lot of space and the ability to hold 20 CD's with booklet and liner notes in one hand is quite an achievement, although a little slippery...
  15. Uzinusa

    Uzinusa Happy Chappy

    Surely the DigiPak cases should just be left alone....they're rather nice and usually take less room than those rotten jewell cases??
  16. Alco

    Alco pfm Member

    I also have around 600 (slightly more) CD's. As I have most of my CD's ripped in Flac to an external HD, to feed my Squeezebox Classic, I was also looking for a way to store my CD's and make some space in my small/medium sized living-room.

    Currently I have these rather large Ikea Benno CD-racks up against a wall.

    Last week though I ordered some NOS soft-plastic CD-sleeves at Who's your daddy records.
    (1 sleeve can hold the booklet, the CD itself, and the back with the titles)

    This afternoon I bought some small carton boxes. Similar boxes are available at Ikea for peanuts money.
    One of these small boxes (measuring only 13x16x24cm) can now store up to 90 CD's! :)

    Here's a picture of my new way of storing CD's
  17. shevans

    shevans pfm Member

  18. wazza69

    wazza69 pfm Member

    Hi Alco,

    Do you know what brand these are so I can look for them in the UK?

  19. Alco

    Alco pfm Member

    Hi Wazza69,

    They're brandless as far as I know.
    I ordered them at this Dutch company http://www.wydr.nl , on a populair Dutch advertsing-site.
    (perhaps you can email them)

    The ad is still on the Dutch ads-site, but I'm not sure if it's allowed to place a direct link to that ad on this fourm.

    good luck!

  20. Gilfachphil

    Gilfachphil pfm Member

    Can one of the users of the Jazzloft/Cadence sleeves please tell me whether a CD in this sleeve will fit in the same shelf depth as a CD in a jewel case? Does the 44$ pack attract the notice of customs etc.? I have just received a sample pack of Fleecepacks from Holland which look good ( and better value in bulk direct from Smilin Ears BV) but they are taller/deeper than a jewel case and will not let me lie them sideways and close the doors of my CD cupboards. The Fleecepack does seem very cosy for the disc itself holding it between two cloth layers, I imagine in the Jazzloft one the cd sits against the plastic itself?


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