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ARC - Audio Reproduction Company ...

Discussion in 'classic' started by NRWler04, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. marcweck

    marcweck New Member

    Hello, i've a pair of 102, but i've lost the crossover.
    Could you help me to find schema and values for the cover ?
    Thank you.
  2. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    The schematics were all the same. Please send me a PM.
  3. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    The New ARC's will be at the Show in Bristol!

    Please see here below NEWS: www.nytechaudio.com
  4. lexi

    lexi pfm Member

    Your collection of speakers are very nice NRW:cool:
  5. Markus S

    Markus S 41 - 29

    Does that mean this will turn out to be a stealth marketing thread? Not impressed.
  6. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    No, just an information that these realy good Speakers will be available again to Listen. Nothing more ...

    The Project was developed here and in other Forums worldwide. Thanks to all contributed!

    Nobody knows what will Happen .....
  7. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    And they sound realy good with my Nytech Clones:cool:

    After all these years, compared to new equipment:D
  8. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    I bought the upgraded 050 stands direct from the factory a matter of months before they folded. I don't know who I was talking with, but we had a long chat about the hifi world, and his financial woes. He mainly dealt with one man band hifi dealers who were often better at setting up a LP12 than running a bank account, and ARC probably folded due to dealers paying too slowly, or not at all. A great shame, as they had plans for some great sounding new products.
  9. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Ready for Bristol .....

  10. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron You're home early...

    Very elegant designs!..and a brand really unknown to me.
  11. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    The ARC 050 for Bristol ....


    Made with original spares for the ARC 802 Driver ....

    and the 102's ....


    Thanks to all Fanatics here in the forum who made this unique pairs happen :cool:
  12. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member


    a big thanks to all contributed to this crazy project. Especially to TonyL ;)

    Finally see a picture from today in Room 226 on the second floor in the Bristol Marriot:cool:



    The guy on the right wall is lohk (Klaus) from Austria. Obelisk1 from Scotland was also there. We had a very nice and lengthy talk together.

    Regards from Bristol - this time not from Home:D

  13. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Update from Summer 2014 .....

    New Aluminium Baskets for Prototypes already arrived.

    Still waiting for new Magnets ... delivery should be somewhere week 30/31 ....

    Then the first ARC 802 with new Magnets and Aluminium Baskets will be build:)

    I'll keep you updated...

    Regards from Germany
  14. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Forgot to say ....

    HiQuphone Tweeters are perfect in combination with the ARC 802 :cool:
  15. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Update from 9th of August 2014:

    The new Aluminium Baskets arrived:


    Also the new & improved Magnets arrived from Thyssen Krupp:



    Next week we will start to assemble the first new ARC 802 Drivers with the new components.

    I'll Keep you updated ....

    Regards from Germany

  16. 1000RPM

    1000RPM pfm Member

    I'm listening to a pair of simple ARC 050s, and marvelling at your commitment to the cause :)
  17. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    By the way, the ARC 050s was not simple!

    It used the same driver I'm reconstructing now ...... only a little bit cutted.

    Professionel experts from today well known loudspeaker chassis suppliers told me, that a speaker with TS-Parameters like the 050 can't work. :D:D:D

  18. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Spoke today with a well known supplier of loudspeaker components about our project. Surprisingly they were very interested. They also delivered parts for the original ones ....


    I'll keep you updated ....
  19. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Update from 28th of October 2014:
    First three pair of new ARC 802 with new Magnets and Aluminum-Baskets arrived ....

  20. NRWler04

    NRWler04 pfm Member

    Now the cabinets for the special 050's 102's arrived .....

    A lot of work over Xmas ;)




    Two Pairs 050's and two pairs 102's .....

    Improved passive XOvers and the first ARC 802's with new aluminium baskets and improved Magnets.

    Happy Xmas :D

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