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Any Love for the Jimi Hendrix Blues album on here ?

Discussion in 'music' started by Barry williams, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. I normally listen to BBC 6 Music on a Sunday starting with Cerys .
    But its all HipHop related shows this afternoon after her show finished at 13:00 and i can't be doing with that.
    So i pulled my (Authorised Hendrix Family Edition) Jimi Hendrix Blues double 180g album out of the rack for its first play in a long time.
    The CD gets regular play but i had forgotten how good the LPs sound.:cool:
  2. mikemusic

    mikemusic pfm Member

    Nice album. Not his best, 7/10 from me still well worth having.
  3. lennyw

    lennyw Still throwing Eephus pitches

    Always been my favourite Hendrix "disc". According to the folks at the Steve Hofmann forum it sounds terrific on vinyl -- have just ordered one...
  4. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Where from? Amazon are talking £85!!!
  5. lennyw

    lennyw Still throwing Eephus pitches

  6. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    Is this the one that has Hear my Train Coming acoustic?
  7. rabidlistener

    rabidlistener pfm Member

    Yes thats the one. Only piece of acoustic Hendrix I believe.

  8. Suffolk Tony

    Suffolk Tony pfm Member

    Great album, although I've only got it on CD. Tempted...
  9. Folkman

    Folkman pfm Member

    A great album and interestingly the only Alan Douglas produced one still listed by Experience Hendrix.

    A great follow up was 'Voodoo Soup' , which stands head and shoulders in composition and sound balance above the later similar releases by Experience Hendrix.
  10. Gerard124

    Gerard124 pfm Member

    Wow - I picked up my vinyl copy for £9.99 from HMV online in November 2011.
  11. Singslinger

    Singslinger pfm Member

    Yes, my favorite Hendrix track by far.

    Brilliant album, by the way.
  12. Fulci

    Fulci pfm Member

    Mine's Machine Gun from Band of Gipsies. Visceral and brutal song.
  13. 1964meb

    1964meb pfm Member

  14. scottcarpenter

    scottcarpenter pfm Member

    Me too.
  15. Engels

    Engels pfm Member

    Its only a repress of an earlier posthumous compilation which had just a few previously unreleased tracks. I have a copy on cassette somewhere, so not an essential for me compared to the originals

    The acoustic "Hear My Train..." is from that Jimi" soundtrack album (I love the aside at the end ... "Bet you didn't think I could do that" on that album)
  16. albireo

    albireo pfm Member

    Love it! The rendition of Albert King's Born under a bad sign in this album is out of this world..
  17. Steve B

    Steve B Member

    Thank you for the thread Barry.
    Must Get this ordered, vinyl I think.

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