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Adobe Photoshop pricing policy

Discussion in 'photo' started by michaelab, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Michael the primary issue I had with E10s raw is its not support within OSX this was a pain.

    iPhoto although basic does support RAW for most modern cameras, as such you can drag out the file to give you your raw file, or edit it within or on PS as a JPEG. Not great but at least you get to see it.

    I only use raw with the manual lenses as I sometimes forget to set the white balance, other than that I have not had much use for it.
  2. michaelab

    michaelab desafinado

    Gary - OSX itself doesn't support any RAW format, it's the applications that either do or don't support it. You've mentioned about OSX 'not supporting' the E-10 RAW format before and I've never quite understood what you meant.

  3. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Michael. RAW support is built into OSX, and apple apps such as iPhoto and Aperture draw from OSX for its conversions.

    This of course does not apply to Photoshop as its not part of OSX.
  4. michaelab

    michaelab desafinado

    That would be most odd if true. It's not the job of an OS to be handling/supporting application files but you may be right since I was checking what RAW files are supported in iPhoto 5 and different types require certain minimum versions of OS X. Bizzarre.

    However, E-10 RAW is supported in iPhoto 5.

  5. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    They must have added that recently then, the E10 was never supported for raw whilst I owned one.

    Still good news for you. But yes RAW is built into the OS

    There was a huge kick off when aperture came out because of the poor raw conversion, apple then set to work on an OSX update to fix it.

    For the life of me finding some info on this is proving difficult, but there you go haha.
  6. scrosland

    scrosland ...

    Talking about Adobe Lightroom...
    I reckon that Lightroom and Photoshop are apples and pears - Photoshop is for serious image manipulation where as Lightroom is all about workflow from camera to the final output (be that the printed page or a website or whatever). For a working pro or a serious amateur Lightroom solves the digital asset management and end-to-end workflow issues in ways that no other tool apart from Aperture comes close to.

    I just hope they don't price it like Photoshop...

  7. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    I couldn't agree more, but the thread title was regarding photoshop haha.

    I could not get on with lightroom, scroll arrows where you can't see them, a dog to load images, image adjustments taking an age etc etc. And all the unnecessary stuff, why is each image numbered for instance?
  8. michaelab

    michaelab desafinado

    Right - pirate copy of Photoshop CS2 up and running again on my iBook. All is once again well in the world.
  9. Mark EJ

    Mark EJ pfm Member


    Gary's basically right -- RAW is supported (to an extent) at OS level. The reason for this is that the MacOS likes to be able to show you thumbnails of graphic files in the Finder -- specifically in the rightmost column of a window set to multi-column view. To do this with RAW files, the Finder obviously needs to be able understand them.

    However, the problem with this is that RAW is not a file format -- in fact it's almost a non-format as by definition it is simply the lump of data gathered by the camera's CCD, with no processing applied. Different cameras' CCDs generate different lumps of data, and the camera manufacturer will often change aspects of this in an arbitary fashion. As an example, the D70's RAW format is fine, but RAW files from a D70s initially cause problems, because Nikon chose to encrypt the white balance information in the files -- thus the D70s owner has to find other ways of handling them. The fact that Nikon sells (quite expensive) extra software to do this is of course entirely coincidental. It's quite similar to the iSync vs. Nokia scenario -- the usefulness of the OS-level stuff is dependant on how quickly Apple can hack new hardware. In many cases, they only manage this just as the model is superceded.

    It's also always worth trying both Image Capture (in Applications) and also VueScan (www.hamrick.com IIRC).

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